Redback Racing Team

Redback Racing is UNSW's student-run Formula SAE team. The team designs, constructs and races a small open wheel race car against other universities in the annual Australasian FSAE competition. Although initially started as a Mechanical Engineering project, the team now contains members from a wide range of programs including Computer Science, Commerce and Industrial Design.

Custom Data Logger Project

Designing a car requires a lot of data.  During testing, the Redback car may have more than 20 sensors running inside it, collecting information about things like wheel speed, engine temperature and g-force.  To ensure this data can be used efficiently and reliably, the Redback team has decided to build its own custom data logger.  This project will replace an expensive off-the-shelf unit with one designed and built by motivated students from the UNSW Computing and the School of Electrical Engineering.  Focusing on innovative design to increase performance and reduce cost, the core of the data logger consists of a Parallella, an 18-core parallel computer the size of an Arduino.  The device requires its own software interface to allow the team to view the data, including a dashboard touchscreen to give the driver real-time feedback.  The project encompasses a wide variety of fields in computing, such as hardware programming, software, wireless communication and signal processing.