RoboCup at UNSW

What is RoboCup?

RoboCup is an international robotics competition that aims to develop autonomous robots with the intention of developing research and education in the field of artificial intelligence. The best universities in the world compete in several leagues.  
RoboCup Field
One of the aims of RoboCup is to build bipedal robots that can beat the FIFA World Champions by 2050!

However, while this is a fun and entertaining way of researching robotics, the real goal is to develop technologies that can be used to help humanity - from helping mobility-challenged people around the home to finding and helping victims of a building collapse - this research is important.


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4-Legged League (1999-2006)

The Robocup 4 Legged League was an international competition using Sony AIBO robot dogs to play soccer!  There was no remote-control - once the game started the Robots were in control of themselves.  They saw the ball, the goals and work together to try to score goals.

Our team, rUNSWift, was also unique in that we use a new team of undergraduate students every year while most others relied on PhD students or even academics!  Our students had the best results from any team in the world!

AIBO Robot


Standard Platform League (2008 - now)

Nao v2 RobotThis League continued from the 4-Legged League.  Again, all teams use identical robots, which allows them to concentrate on software development only, while still using state-of-the-art robots. The robots operate fully autonomously;- there is no remote control by humans nor by computers. This league began in 2008 with the humanoid Aldebaran Nao.

UNSW kept the name rUNSWift for our team in this new league.

SPL Teams 2011

Rescue Robot League (2005 - now)

Disaster rescue often involves putting volunteers into a dangerous environment, so the use of robots in disaster areas can help save victims by speeding up the time it takes to find them and also it can help protect the rescuers by reducing the time they are exposed to this precarious environment.  UNSW participates along with UTS as a member of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Autonomous Systems (CAS), one of the world's foremost research institutes in robotics.


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