Head of School

CSE Head of School

UNSW Computing is the largest and premier computing school in Australia and I am proud to serve as its head.  My colleagues and I teach over 1500 students majoring in Undergraduate computing degrees, almost 500 Postgraduate Coursework students and 160 PhD students in 2016.  We are leaders in international Computing research winning over $6 million a year in competitive and industry research funding. 

Our teaching and research focuses on solving deep technical problems in computing.  We are well known in Open Source and Linux groups around the world and many of our graduates have gone on to senior positions with major international IT companies. We focus on innovation and encourage our students to be entrepreneurial, which has resulted in UNSW having more startups than any other Australian university.  Our aim is to change Australia from being a heavy user of technology to a high producer of technology, and many of our alumni are leading this change. 

Our education mission is to attract the brightest students and challenge them to ensure that they reach their greatest potential by putting them through some of the most rigorous computing courses in Australia. 

Our research mission is to be at the forefront of research into new and exciting innovations, both introducing technological and social change as well as new ways of social interaction and the diffusion of information.

Whether as a student, researcher or industry partner, join us at UNSW Computing to be part of developing the future computing technologies.