Head of School

CSE Head of School

The UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is the premier destination for computing studies in Australia  [1], [2] As the largest school in terms of academic staff, we offer both breadth and depth in the range of subjects and research opportunities available.

CSE aims to be at the forefront of technological change and we are leaders in international computing research. In 2018 we received over six million dollars via competitive grants and industry funding to invest in our programs.

Innovating in Education

Our undergraduate teaching concentrates on the foundations for solving deep technical problems in computing as students continue into postgraduate studies or develop skills in the work place. The CSE School is well known in Open Source and Linux groups around the world, and many of our graduates have gone on to senior positions with major international IT companies. We focus on innovation and encourage our students to be entrepreneurial.

Partnering with Industry

Our industry and university alliances go beyond theory with collaborations working on solutions for real-world industry issues and commercial opportunities. Businesses get to work with some of the brightest expertise (and potential hires) in areas such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, cyber security, the internet of things, databases, embedded systems, networks, programming languages, service-oriented computing and trustworthy systems.

Whether as a student, researcher or industry partner, join us at UNSW to be part of the future of computing technologies.


Prof. Sri Parameswaran

Acting Head of School

UNSW Computer Science and Engineering