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CSE Development Office

Who we are

The UNSW Computing Development Office (DO) is responsible for programs and activities that extend students beyond the curriculum.  

The office liaises with Industry to provide Prizes, Scholarships and Sponsorships for students, as well as helping companies to find potential employees.  

Activities for students include a job search site, liaison with students societies and clubs, Careers Expo, Mentoring Program, as well as many others.

The DO keeps in contact with the School’s alumni through events and news.

General Marketing, Community Outreach and programs for primary-aged students is also covered by the Development Office.

Contact us

Level 1, K17 Building  

Phone: +61 2 9385 7383  


UNSW Computing Development Office Manager | Development Coordinator


See details at the UNSW Computing Help page for Students.

See details go the School Programs website.

See details at the UNSW Computing Information for Industry website.

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Development Office activities

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