Assets and Loans

Equipment Loans and Disposals

As you are aware everyone is required to submit a UNSW Computing Equipment Loan form(s) for any equipment that is taken off-campus.  The information is then recorded in the Assets Database in attempts to link equipment to individual staff and its location.

The two main purposes of the UNSW Computing Equipment Loan form is:

  • it allows the university to have some control over its assets.
  • if equipment that is lost/damaged/stolen while off campus is on an approved loan (i.e. UNSW Computing Equipment Loan form signed by HoS), then it is covered by University insurance and the borrower is not liable for the replacement or repair.  (However, obviously one is expected to exercise reasonable care)

Please note: signing a UNSW Computing Equipment Loan form does not introduce any extra liability of responsibility.  On the contrary it protects staff from liability if the item is lost or stolen.

If you have any equipment away from UNSW and have not completed and submitted a UNSW Computing Equipment Loan form obtaining approval to do so, please so do urgently.

The UNSW Computing Equipment Loan form, once completed, should be submitted to the UNSW Computing Finance Office located on level 1 of K17.


We manage equipment loans & retain UNSW Computing Asset Register, this includes stock control, barcoding & location of UNSW Computing items.