Computer Equipment

General Use Computers

Most Staff, Visitors and Research Students at UNSW Computing will be given a desktop computer or laptop to use at UNSW Computing.  This computer is purchased from UNSW preferred suppliers (no tender process) and remains the property of UNSW Computing.  The procedure for getting this computer is explained in the "Computers Provided by UNSW Computing" Policy.

Special Research Computers

Examples of special research equipment would be servers, cluster computers, robots, etc.  This would be paid for by research grants and involve a tender process.

If the researcher is buying a server or desktop computer they should consult UNSW Computing Computer Support Group about what equipment to choose.  If the equipment needs to be kept in the server room then CSG must be informed before the purchase is made.


All information is found on the UNSW Buying website.

Non-ICT Purchases

Goods or services are requested from a supplier and quotation or invoice for order or payment is obtained and provided to the UNSW Computing Finance Office for processing attached to the Request for Purchase Form (pdf)

General Information on all Purchases

  • All external purchasing methods must comply with quotation and tender requirements.
  • Supplier's OH& S policies and standards need to comply with University standards (particularly in the supply of dangerous goods or maintenance services).
  • The University's solicitor shall be requested to review complex supply contracts.
  • The custody and management of contracts is the responsibility of budget units.
The following procedures apply to purchasing based on total order value monetary thresholds:
  • Values Up to $2,000 (ex GST) - No specific quote requirements. The principle of best value for money shall apply. Verbal and/or written quotes may be obtained if desired.
  • Values Between $2,001 and $10,000 (ex GST) - A minimum of three verbal or written quotations must be obtained, and noted or attached to relevant documentation.
  • Values $10,001 to $100,000 - A minimum of three written representative quotations to be obtained. This requirement is not mandatory for eProcurement purchase orders but it is strongly recommended.
  • Values over $100,000 - Tenders are to be invited.

Health and Safety Purchasing

If you are buying goods and services you must do so in accordance with UNSW policy and procedures. Health and Safety requirements and specifications must be:

a)    identified prior to purchase of goods and services;

b)    evaluated and assessed when selecting Suppliers of goods and services to ensure compliance or gaps are understood.

c)    documented in any Contract that you enter into for the purchase of goods and services (including how Health and Safety requirements will be managed and complied with).

A pre-purchase checklist HS633a (pdf) must be used prior to the purchase of any equipment with a potential to cause harm and injury.

Any non-compliance must be documented and identified to the UNSW Approver. The consequences for failure to meet legislative or standard requirements for goods must also be outlined.

Who can Help?

Philip O’Donnell is the Purchasing Officer. Call him on ext 55138  email p.odonnell@unsw.edu.au.