Mission statement

To connect, build and inspire a community of UNSW Computing students to embrace their pursuit of innovation.

Slide show

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About us

Catapult is both a hub and a program, which exists to provide a temporary home for, and lifelong relationship with, innovative and passionate founders.

Catapult will:

  • Inspire and guide UNSW students to embrace their creative and entrepreneurial confidence in the pursuit of innovation
  • Help assess and develep the idea and its market potential
  • Suggesting accountable action points to validate ideas fast and accurately
  • Free educational resources and ‘how-to’ guides that cover all the fundamental elements of running a business 
  • Free resources and discounts with our partners and supporters, such as free hosting and labour outsourcing credit
  • Access to our community of entrepreneurs and their collective knowledge and networks
  • Access to our community of mentors, investors and industry supporters 
  • Build a global community of CSE evangelists and mentors
  • Create a unique value proposition for CSE student experience
  • Provide an outstanding educational experience by expanding student opportunities to pursue innovation


Application process

Applications close on December 10  and June 30 each year.

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The Specifics

The Specifics includes information on:

- the Scope

- Programing details

- Residency of Catapult

- Contribution of time


Got questions?

Please contact:

Selena Griffith
UNSW Engineering Scientia Experience Manager
Room 106,Building K17