The Specifics


16 desks – 4 new Catapults

Role of current Catapults act as mentors (induction, knowledge transfer)



12 Week blocks

  • Week 1: Launch/Welcome Event
  • Week 2: Orientation; Catapult office space, MCIC Spaces, UNSW Innovations Founder Lab Service, Legal Centre, CSE IT consult
  • Week 6: Show and tell event
  • Week 12: Graduation event

In addition, guest lectures for academics, internships for students, internship opportunities, for UNSW students in broader startup system (What’s it like to work in a startup 101 and connection into ecosystem). 



Our CiR program has a defined term of three months, which may be extended on a month-to-month basis for up to six months. 

You will be provided with access to:

  • Desk space for 4 people at any time
  • Bookable meeting spaces
  • UNSW Computing Academic and research staff consultations
  • MCIC makerspace
  • FounderLab Service
  • Legal Centre Service
  • UNSW Computing IT consult
  • University wireless network
  • UNSW Computing, MCIC & UNSW Innovations events and activities
  • UNSW Start - UNSW Innovations
    • Goal setting (personal and business)
    • Market research
    • Idea testing
    • Business model (1)
    • Business model (2 – advanced)
    • Minimum Viable Product
    • Legal (Entrepreneur Legal Centre)
    • Marketing (Hustle w/AGSM)
    • Ongoing development (FounderLab & MVP Grant Fund w/Arc + Science of Innovation Lab w/Science Faculty)
    • Mentors / Contacts / Investors
    • Events and competitions


In exchange for access and to facilitate knowledge sharing by and among Catapult, CSE, UNSW Innovations  and the MCIC community, it is expected that Catapults will meaningfully participate in the Catapult, CSE, MCIC, UNSW Innovations communities through a variety ways and means, including, without limitation:

  • MCIC office hours (at least three hour blocks, twice a month)
  • Organizing relevant programs, workshops or events
  • Development or engagement with MCIC affiliated internship programs
  • Monthly meetings with MCIC staff, as requested
  • Introductions to potential new Catapult or strategic partners of the MCIC, UNSW Innovations  or CSE

Contributions will be approved by the Catapult Coordinator, Selena Griffith.


Contribution of time

Each Catapult team member will contribute an average minimum of 8 hours per month to one or more Michael Crouch Innovation Centre, New South Innovation, Catapult or CSE community projects

Example: mentoring, advisory, staff events and activities, co-creation, programming, office hours, and leading a workshop.