Email services

UNSW lifelong email service

UNSW offers a lifelong e-mail service for UNSW alumni, and instructions on how to set this up can be found at the Alumni Lifelong Email Service page.

Please note that the Alumni Lifelong Email Service is administered by IT @ UNSW and not by UNSW Computing.

UNSW Computing alumni email redirections

UNSW Computing has its own alumni mail redirection service, see the UNSW Computing Alumni Redirection page for more details. Also if you wish to continue receiving mails sent to your UNSW Computing email address, you can set up a redirection from your UNSW Computing email to your alumni email account. The instructions for doing so can be found on the CSE Taggi Redirecting mail page. If your account has already expired, you can email System Support at and we can set up the redirection for you.

Please note that while UNSW offers a lifelong email service, the UNSW Computing alumni redirection service may eventually be taken offline in the future. For this reason, we recommend the use of the UNSW Alumni Lifelong Email Service over this service.

UNSW Computing alumni mailing lists

Alumni who register will be added to the general email list

This list is for announcements from UNSW Computing.

To join other lists, please email Brad Hall:

Members may post to this list to let other UNSW Computing Alumni in the area know about events, jobs, catch-ups, etc, in the area.