Start Ups

  Cog Systems
We are a Cyber Security company helping secure the world’s mobile and IoT devices.
Founded 2014
Founded By: Daniel Potts (BE 2000, PhD 2007), Philip Derrin (BSc 2005), Ben Leslie (BE 2001)
Sticker Label Shop
Custom stickers & label printer - 24h turn around, NO minimum
Founded 2015
Founded By: Chi Shing Lam BSc (Comp Sci) 2010
Helping businesses and startups solve their payment and payout needs
Founded 2014
Founded By: Anson Zeall (Computer Science) 2004
Forcite Helmet Systems
Intelligent Helmet Systems for Extreme Sport markets and for the Australian Federal Police.
Founded 2014
Founded By: Georges Constantinos BSc (Comp Sci) 2012
Saluda Medical
Developing the next-generation of closed-loop neuromodulation devices.
Founded 2013
Dean Karantonis, BE (Comp)/MBiomedE, 2004
Sweaty Chair Ltd.
Sweaty Chair bring creative games to the world.
Founded 2013
Founded By: Wai Chong BE (Computer) 2013, Liwen Zou BS (Digital Media & Comp Sci) 2012
Metamako builds better network devices for financial services companies worldwide.
Founded 2013
Founded By: David Snowdon (BE 2002, PhD 2009)
Foreign Exchange Central  Foreign Exchange Central
Provides international money transfer/international mobile top-up
Founded 2012
Founded by Jegan Siva (MCompIT)
  ArticleVoid Limited.
Unique Content Article Directory (or simply Article Directory)
Founded 2012
Founded by: Mohammad Ghasembeigi BE (Software)
Virtual fitting room technology for trying on glasses & sunglasses
Founded 2012
Founded by: Peter Anderson, B Eng (Computer), 2012
Stufftopia is that friend in the know that can help you find things to do anywhere in the world.
Founded 2012
Founded By: Nedim Jackman BSc (Comp Sci) 2009, Simon Keung BE (Software)
WeGoing WeGoing
Helps plan going out with your friends for events happening in your city like rock concerts, comedy shows, bands etc.
Founded 2012
Founded By: Rahul Arora (MIT) 2011
Fluent Fluent
The future of email
Founded 2011
Founded By: Jochen Bekmann (PhD) 2006.
Task and meeting management software for businesses and teams.
Founded 2011
Founded By: Adam Brimo BE (Software) 2011 and Prashant Varanasi BSc (Comp Sci) 2011
blipadeal Blipcom
Making it easy for users to find the best deals from around the world by aggregating and organising all the group buying and daily deal providers into one centralised location 
iPhone :
Founded 2011
Founded By: Sidnei Budiman MEngSci (Computer) 2005
Tapit Logo Tapit Media
Tapit Media has developed an NFC (Near Field Communications) platform that makes it easier for people to access content on their mobile phones.
Founded 2011
Founded By: David Kainer BE (Computer)
Handshake Logo Handshake
Your entire B2B sales channel on the web, iPad and iPhone.
Founded 2010
Founded By: Glen Coates BSc (Comp Sci) 2003
BlueScale Pty Ltd
Full IT Managed Service provider for 30+ companies.
Founded 2010
Founded By: Peng Chen, BE(Computer), 1993
Woahcha Woahcha
Discounts for telling your friends about a store on social media 
Founded 2010
Founded By: Alwin Chin BE (Software)
Jam-Code Jam-Code
GasBag an iPhone Application
Founded 2006
Founded By: Alex North BSc (Comp Sci)
MojiPage MojiPage
An Extensible Mobile Widget Platform and Portal
Ekky Software Ekky Software
Supplying Mission Critical Real-time Database Technologies
Founded 2001
Founded By: Dallas Clarke BSc (Comp Sci) 2003
Far Edge Pty Ltd Far Edge Pty Ltd
IT Services Provider
Founded 1999
Director, Software: Matthew Herrmann BE (Software) 2001


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