The exposure that sponsorship leverages for companies is the most effective method available.

  • All Sponsors are invited to the annual UNSW Computing Careers Fair.
  • All Sponsors are invited to the annual Prizes and Awards Reception. 
  • Prizes and Awards are announced each year to all students and staff in the School and re-announced at our Prizes and Awards Reception.
  • Sponsorship for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places increases exposure. 
  • The winning students also get the prize, award or scholarship printed on their transcripts. 


Valued from $5,000

  • Scholars are selected from an application or shortlisting procedure, possibly with interviews
  • Multiple-year award
  • Scholars can either be selected from high school or from our current cohort 
  • Sponsors can be part of the selection process and so can become very familiar with the candidates
  • Scholarships sometimes have an internship built into them. 

A list of current programs is available.


Valued from $2,000 to $4,999 (Exclusive sponsorship)

  • Winners are selected from an application or shortlisting procedure, possibly with interviews
  • Single-year award
  • Winners are selected from our current cohort
  • Sponsors can be part of the selection process and so can become very familiar with the candidates

A list of current Prizes and Awards can be found below.


Valued from $500 to $1,999 (Exclusive sponsorship)

  • Winners are selected from their performance in UNSW Computing courses (subjects)
  • No application or shortlisting procedure and no interviews
  • Single-year award
  • Sponsors are not part of the selection process, but have the opportunity to meet them at the UNSW Computing Prizes and Awards Reception

A list of current Prizes and Awards can be found below.

Year Computer Engineering Computer Science Software Engineering Bioinformatics
Year 1 Macquarie The Macquarie
Performance Prize Year 1
ResMed The Resmed 
COMP1917 Computing 1 Prize
Atlassian LogoThe Atlassian COMP1927 Computing 2
ENGG1000 Engineering Design*
    SENG1031 Software Engineering Workshop 1  
Year 2 Macquarie The Macquarie
Performance Prize Year 2
  COMP2041 Software Construction Prize
The QuantumLinx
COMP2111 System Modelling and Design Prize
The Ben Rudzyn Memorial
COMP2121 Microprocessors and Interfacing Prize
Atlassian Logo The Atlassian 
COMP2911 Engineering Design in Computing
COMP3222 Digital Circuits and Systems      
    ThoughWorks LogoThe ThoughtWorks 
SENG2011 Software Engineering Workshop 2A
    Macquarie The Macquarie
SENG2021 Software Engineering Workshop 2B Award
Year 3 Microsoft The Microsoft
Performance Prize Year 3
Google The Google
Third Year Prize
      IMC The IMC Pacific
COMP3121 Algorithms & Programming Techniques Prize
    Jane Street Logo The Jane Street 
COMP3141 S'ware Sys. Design & Implementat'n Prize
COMP3211 Computer Architecture      
Cog SystemsThe Cog Systems COMP3231/9201/3891/9283 Operating Systems      
    COMP3311 Database Systems Prize
    DoD Logo The Department of Defence (Graduate Office)
COMP3331 Computer Networks and Applications
COMP3601 Design Project A      
      BINF3010 Bioinformatics Methods & Applications
    Optiver Logo The Optiver
SENG3011 Prize
CBA LogoThe CommBank
Cyber Prize for COMP3441

The Oracle COMP3131/9102 Prize

Performance Prize Year 4
  Murray Allen Award in Computer Science    
COMP4601 Design Project B      
COMP4930 Thesis part A COMP4910 Thesis part A SENG4910 Thesis part A COMP4930 Thesis part A
COMP4931 Thesis part B COMP4911 Thesis part B DataCracker The DataCracker Thesis part B Prize COMP4931 Thesis part B
COMP4920 Management and Ethics COMP4920 Management and Ethics** SENG4921 Professional Issues and Ethics COMP4920 Management and Ethics
The Alumni COMP9242 Advanced Operating Systems Prize
Amadeus Logo The Amadeus
COMP9322 Service-Oriented Architectures Prize
BigWorld Logo The Bigworld
COMP4431 Game Design Workshop Prize
CBA LogoThe CommBank
Cyber Prize for COMP9447

Ernst and YoungThe Ernst & Young COMP4337 Prize

Jane Street Logo  The Jane Street
COMP4181 Language-based Software Safety Prize

The Metamako Thesis Showcase Prize

Optiver Logo The Optiver
COMP6771 Advanced C++ Programming Prize
Optus Logo The Optus 
COMP9417 Machine Learning and Data Mining Prize
Recruit Co LogoThe Recruit Holdings
COMP4128 Prize
Wipro Logo The Wipro
COMP4336/9336 Mobile Data Networking Prize
The UNSW Computing Postgraduate Performance Prize, Semester 1 (unsponsored)
The UNSW Computig Postgraduate Performance Prize, Semester 2 (unsponsored)
Best Research Paper Prize
There are many more electives that are currently un-sponsored. Most Core Courses are available as electives in other degrees as well.
*ENGG1000 is taken in Year 2 in Bioinformatics and is an elective in Computer Science.
**COMP4920 is taken in Year 3 in Computer Science


$Various levels

UNSW's team in the Standard Platform League of the international RoboCup competition have been World Champions multiple times, as well as reaching the finals nearly every year since 1999.  

Exposure is immense.  RoboCup is used extensively by the School, the Faculty of Engineering and by UNSW in Marketing, so both high school students and current UNSW students are reached.  Further, the competition is attended by over 3,000 students and staff from universities throughout the world.  A large number of spectators attend (around 40,000 in The Netherlands).  

Major Sponsor

  • $20,000
  • Logo on leg of robot (b/w)
  • Large Logo on front of (human) team's polos
  • Large Logo on website
  • Light-weight banner can be taken with team an displayed on the team's table at the competition.
  • Invitation to any related events (like the Reception when we do well at the competition) 

Support Sponsor

  • $10,000
  • Medium logo on sleeve of (human) team's polos
  • Medium Logo on website
  • Invitation to any related events (like the Reception when we do well at the competition) 

Associate Sponsor

  • $5,000
  • Small logo on back of (human) team's polos
  • Small Logo on website
  • Invitation to any related events (like the Reception when we do well at the competition) 

UNSW Computing student network (mentoring program)

$3000 (exclusive sponsorship)

  • A program run by the School to help new students transition from high school into the social environment of the University and School. 
  • The sponsor is invited to all events, gets to display their banner at events, and have thier logo on the website.  
  • Exposure is to both the new students and to the Mentors. 

The homepage of the program is here.

Clubs and societies


  • UNSW Computing has a vibrant student cohort with high levels of participation in societies and clubs.  

Please negotiate directly with CSE Revue and CSE Soc.

High School Computing course

$5000 (exclusive sponsorship)

Each year a limited number of selected talented students are offered the opportunity to enrol as a UNSW student whilst still at school and take COMP1917, our highly popular first-year computing course. This Course is commonly called HS1917.

This program offers quality exposure:

  • Around 100 students apply each year
  • Only around 50 are selected
  • This represents a very high quality cohort with a deep interest in a computing career

More information at HS1917.

UNSW Computing ProgComp

$5000 (exclusive sponsorship)

Teams of high school students compete annually for prizes and scholarships.  The competition is in two rounds; the Open Round is held at high schools and the Grand Final is held at UNSW.  

This competition offers unique exposure:

  • Up to 150 teams enter each year, and each team has up to three students
  • Entries are received from across Australia
  • Entrants have a high likelihood of studying computing at university 

More information at UNSW Computing ProgComp.

How to sponsor

Please contact our Development Office.