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UNSW Computing has been at the forefront of research into new and exciting innovations, many of which are described elsewhere in this website. We have achieved this by attracting the brightest students and challenging them to ensure that they reach their greatest potential by putting them through some of the most rigorous computing courses. 

The field of computer science and engineering has made many exciting advances recently that few people could have envisioned only a few years ago. The rise of the internet has heralded computer applications that have become part of our daily lives. New products have been developed that allow each of us to carry a computing device in our pockets that has as much power as room-sized computers a few decades ago.  These innovations have not only introduced technological change but also social change and new ways of social interaction and the diffusion of information.  

We don't train students to be computer programmers. We teach Engineering, which is a discipline about design. While Science focuses on theory and research, Engineering focuses on practice and development. We educate students to be the designers of new technology.

That is why at UNSW, Computing is a part of the Faculty of Engineering.  Engineering is all about designing and creating new things for society and this is especially exciting when applied to the world of computing.  There are few other careers where people can design and build a product from scratch or where a product is routinely used by millions of people around the world daily.  Our students have worked on an incredibly diverse range of projects, from a better search-engine algorithm, to animating the lead character in an Academy Award winning movie, to the bionic eye, to an operating system used on hundreds-of-millions of new mobile phones. 

Join us at UNSW to take part in developing the future computing technologies.