Articulation is an alternative pathway that students may follow for indirect entry to the 8543 Masters of Information Technology program via the 7543 Grad Cert and 5543 Grad Dip. The same Course List is used for all three programs.
The entire duration will still be two years, as full transfer credit is granted when you complete the 7543 Grad Certificate in Computing (24uoc or 4 courses) and articulate to the 5543 Graduate Diploma in IT (48uoc or 8 courses) and then articulate to the 8543 Master of Information Technology (24uoc or 4 courses).

The condition of articulation is that students must achieve a WAM of 75 or above, OR not fail any courses.

Students who articulate do not have the option to graduate in the program which they are articulating from.

It is important for articulating students to bear in mind the Advanced Disciplinary Knowledge (ADK) requirement and the Core Course requirement in the MIT (8543)  and the Grad Dip (5543) as students will need to start completing the required courses in the Grad Cert (7543).

Current students wanting to articulate to the new MIT program have to meet the requirements of the new program in their remaining four (4) courses. Students intending to do this should make their course selections based on the MIT (8543) program structure to accommodate this.


Individual links for each program and their requirements may be found here: 

Graduate Certificate in Computing
Graduate Diploma in Information Technology

Masters of Information Technology


How to apply for upwards articulation:

Once in the final semester of their current program, students may apply to articulate by completing the Engineering Online form.
The deadline to apply to articulate is the release of results of your final semester. After this date, articulation may not be possible as you may have been confirmed for graduation.
Once submitted, your request will be kept on file until after the release of results. You will then be notified of the outcome to your student email.


How to apply for downwards articulation (Program downgrade):

Students may apply to downgrade if they meet the requirements to graduate from an earlier program.
For example, a student who has completed 4 COMP/BINF courses in the Graduate Diploma in IT may apply to downgrade to the Graduate Certificate for the purposes of graduation.
You may submit a downgrade request by completing the Engineering Online form.