Enrolment advice - All Postgraduate Coursework

The UNSW Computing Student Office is here to advise you on any matters relating to your study and we are the best first point of contact, so please phone, email, or drop in for a chat.

by phone – +61 2 9385 4329

via email – postgrad@cse.unsw.edu.au

in person – Ground Floor, K17 Building

Postgraduate coordinators

  • Dr Eric Martin

Commencing students

New students will need to accept their offer before they can enrol.  Please visit the Getting Started website to accept (or defer) your offer and commence the enrolment process.

Please take the time to read through this information as it contains important advice designed to assist you in successfully enrolling for your first semester of study at UNSW.

Master of Information Technology (8543) and Graduate Diploma (5543) students interested in Transfer Credit/Exemptions are advised to apply early so that their enrolment can be completed without problems.  Applications received after students have commenced their study may not be approved.

General advice on course selection

Selecting your courses for the coming semester can be challenging, a good starting point is to consult the program structure and course list on the UNSW Computing postgraduate programs website which is linked from the table below.

The following list of courses are recommended in your first semester.

Program Recommended Courses (Select up to four courses)

MIT (8543)

GradDip (5543)

COMP9020 Foundations of Computer Science
COMP9021 Principles of Programming
COMP9311 Database Systems (co-requisite COMP9021)
COMP9032 Microprocessors and Interfacing (co-requisite COMP9021)
GSOE9820 Engineering Project Management

If you have transfer credit or exemptions you should select courses consistent with your pre-requisite knowledge and choice of specialisation.

Grad Cert (7543)

COMP9020 Foundations of Computer Science
COMP9021 Principles of Programming
COMP9311 Database Systems (co-requisite COMP9021)
COMP9032 Microprocessors and Interfacing (co-requisite COMP9021)

Once you know the core courses and/or electives you want to enrol in, you can consult the UNSW Timetable to determine availability and class times.

Finally, enrolling in the courses can be done through myUNSW - make sure that you complete your enrolment and do not leave any courses as 'pending'.

Please contact the UNSW Computing Student Office if you have any questions on course enrolment as enrolling in the wrong courses may cause you to enrol in (and pay for) an additional semester to complete requirements.

Academic advice can be given by postgraduate coordinators, whose details are listed above, however we recommend that you contact the UNSW Computing Student Office first as we can assist you with the majority of your enquiries. Enquiries via email will receive a response within 24 hours.

Students with a background in computing may apply to be granted Transfer Credit or Exemption (course or pre-requisite waiver). A knowledge test will need to be completed in some cases. Full details can be found on the Transfer Credit website. Transfer Credit applications should be finalised before you commence study at UNSW Computing.

Pre-requisite waivers are generally not approved unless you formally apply for Transfer Credit or Exemption. Please review our Requisite Waiver Policy.