Master of Information Technology

Handbook entry: Program 8543

2-4 semesters full-time or
6-8 semesters part-time

Advanced standing of up to 1 year may be possible in some cases.

The MIT is a 2 year full-time degree for graduates with a background in Science or Engineering who have limited computing experience, or graduates who have a background in Computing who wish to specialise and complete in 1 year.

Program requirements

GSOE9820 6uoc (1 course)
Advanced Disciplinary Knowledge Courses Minimum 36uoc (6 courses)
Level 0, 1, 2, 3 54uoc (9 courses)


96uoc (16 courses)

The Advanced Disciplinary Knowledge requirement is calculated on a pro rata basis for students who have advanced standing as follows:

Overall Courses Completed

 Number of Advanced Disciplinary Knowledge Courses Required

15-16 6
13-14 5
10-12 4
8-9 3

Non-UNSW Computing Elective Options:  Students may receive one elective option for every four UNSW Computing courses completed, including one free elective. 

Students with Advanced Standing will forfeit some of their elective options.  The 4:1 ratio for Computing:Non-Computing courses will still apply. For example:

Number of courses completed towards MIT at UNSW 15—16 10-14 8-9
Advanced Standing received 0—1 2—6 7—8
Minimum number of CSE courses required (includes GSOE9820) 12—13 8—12 7—8
Maximum number of Non-CSE Electives permitted
(includes free elective)

It is possible for students to complete the program without using any non-CSE electives provided they are not in the Bioinformatics stream.

Students formally enrolled in the Bioinformatics stream, who have no advanced standing, and who are required to complete MATH5846 as a co-requisite for MATH5856 have pre-approval to take this course as an additional non-Computing elective to satisfy the stream.

Students who have some advanced standing should seek advice from the UNSW Computing Student Office regarding the use of their elective options towards completion of this stream.

Entry requirements

At least a four year undergraduate degree equivalent to a standard Australian bachelor degree in science or engineering, and a high credit average achieved overall;

or a three year undergraduate degree equivalent to a standard Australian bachelor degree in computer science and engineering, and a high credit average achieved overall;

or completion of the Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (5543) subject to no fails.

Advanced standing

This is possible for up to 50% of the program. Students can seek advanced standing in the following courses only:

GSOE9820 Engineering Project Management
COMP9020 Foundations of Computer Science
COMP9021 Principles of Programming
COMP9024 Data Structures & Algorithms
COMP9032 Microprocessors & Interfacing
COMP9311 Database Systems
COMP9414 Artificial Intelligence
COMP9331 Computer Networks & Applications

Students wishing to apply for Advanced Standing should fill in the Advanced Standing/Exemption Form (pdf) and return it with a certified academic transcript or in the case of GSOE9820 Project Management evidence of either formal study or professional experience. More information can be found on the Advanced Standing website.

Up to two of the following streams will be rewarded on completion of the program. Students are required to complete three courses to satisfy the stream. Course levels are indicated in parentheses.

COMPAS8543 Artificial Intelligence
COMPBS8543 Bioinformatics
COMPSS8543 Data Science and Engineering
COMPCS8543 Information Technology
COMPDS8543 Database Systems
COMPES8543 eCommerce Systems
COMPGS8543 Geospatial
COMPIS8543 Internetworking

Project options

COMP9596 - Research Project (12uoc)
COMP9945 - Research Project (18uoc)

Students are permitted to substitute 12-18uoc in their final semester with a project of equal value provided they meet the following criteria:

  1. Have completed (or have advanced standing in) 72uoc; and
  2. Have obtained agreement from a UNSW Computing academic supervisor; and
  3. Have maintained a distinction level performance in the program.

Projects are graded, and students deliver a seminar and submit a written report. More information is available in the Course Outline (pdf). Students should seek agreement from a supervisor prior to submitting a Project Nomination form to the Postgraduate Coordinator.

Projects can be counted towards a students' Advanced Standing Disciplinary Knowledge requirement. 

Project proposals MUST be finalised prior to the start of semester or your nomination may be rejected by the Postgraduate Coordinator.