Postgraduate Research Re-Enrolment

Please take the time to read through this information as it contains important advice designed to assist you in re-enrolling, varying your candidature, or preparing for your thesis submission.

All students must either be re-enrolled, on approved program leave or have submitted their thesis before the census date. Failure to re-enrol without approved program leave will be regarded as lapsed candidature and such candidates may be discontinued from their program.

The CSE Student Office is here to advise you on any matters relating to your study and we are the best first point of contact, so please phone, email or drop in for a chat.

by phone - +61 2 9385 5147/7870
in person - Ground Floor, K17 Building 
email the research team

myUNSW enrolment details

You should login to your Student Profile on myUNSW to check whether your enrolment for the relevant semester is correct. If you do not see either COMP9902 "Res. Thesis Comp Sci & Eng F/T" or COMP9901 "P/T Res. Thesis Comp Sci & Eng" in your enrolment details then this means that you are not enrolled.

Annual progress reviews

It is a requirement of continued enrolment that research candidates take part in a formal review of their progress in each year of their candidature. 

If you have already completed more than 1 semester of study, you must have had a satisfactory progress review within the last 12 months in order to re-enrol. Please contact the UNSW Computing Research Team if you have not completed your review. 

Please refer to the Annual Progress Review information on the Graduate Research School's website for more information.

Course selection

The Faculty of Engineering requires PhD students to complete 3 higher level coursework  courses, two courses for Masters by Research students towards their research program. Requests to enrol in any coursework should be sent to the UNSW Computing Research Team before the start of semester.

Overtime re-enrolment requests

If you are unable to complete your thesis within 4yrs FT in the PhD or 2yrs FT in the Masters by Research, you will need to make an overtime re-enrolment request to the Graduate Research School ( in advance of the semester census deadline. Please refer to the Graduate Research School's website for further information on overtime re-enrolment.

Variation to candidature

If you wish to apply for program leave, switch between full-time and part-time study, withdraw from your program, work on your research away from the University, or change your supervision details, then you need to complete a Variation to Candidature Form.

Program transfer

If you wish to transfer between the PhD and Masters by Research program, your transfer request needs to be approved by the HDC before the census date. Refer here for more information on applying to transfer between research programs.

Thesis submission

If you submit your thesis before the census date then you are not required to re-enrol. Instead you should login to myUNSW and lodge a Notification of Intention to Submit. The Graduate Research School has further information on the Thesis Submission Process.

If you intend on submitting your thesis just after the census date, you may be required to re-enrol. Please contact the Graduate Research School ( for further advice.