Program transfer

Transfer requests must be considered by the Faculty of Engineering Higher Degree Committee for approval.

To ensure that your transfer request is considered in time for re-enrolment, please send your request to the Graduate Research School ( in advance of the semester census deadline.

Masters by Research to PhD

Students enrolled in a Masters by Research program who wish to apply to transfer to the PhD must provide the following documents:

  • a recent Annual Progress Review, which included a seminar presentation, with an outcome of "Satisfactory" and with a clear recommendation from the panel that the student be transferred to the PhD. Student should also provide a clear plan outlining how their research project can be extended from a Masters project to a PhD project.
  • evidence that a substantial draft literature review has been completed (if the student has been enrolled for more than 1yr FTE, they should provide evidence of an advanced draft Masters thesis)
  • evidence that the coursework requirement has been completed at an appropriate level of performance (including completion of GSOE9400).
  • email/letter from the student, requesting the transfer
  • email/letter from the supervisor, supporting the transfer
  • email/letter from the School (Postgraduate Research Coordinator or Head of School), recommending the transfer

PhD to Masters by Research

If the student has been enrolled for more than 1.5yrs FTE, they should provide a Thesis Completion Plan:

The Thesis Completion Plan is a document, normally of at least 2 pages (single spaced, 12 point type, with 2.5 cm margins all round), setting out detailed plans for completion of the degree, including both any further research work required and the timetable for completion of the thesis. As an appendix to this document, and not included in the page count, there should be a table of contents for the thesis in its current state of completion, giving page numbers for the start of each chapter and each section/subsection of a chapter.

In summary, the plan should contain:

  • a table of contents of the thesis showing chapter and section names.
  • expected number of pages for each chapter
  • for chapters containing original research, percentage of research work completed
  • for each chapter, percentage of writing completed (or total number of pages for each chapter).
  • the expected date of completion of each chapter
  • the expected date of submission of the thesis.