Winter workshops

UNSW CompClub is holding a week-long Winter School of CodeCraft and Hackery. This year’s winter workshop is slightly different to previous years, with students required to attend for all 5 days.

Cost:              Free
Location:       UNSW, School of Computer Science and Engineering
When:            Monday 9 to Friday 13 July
Time:             10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Difficulty:       Beginner
Equipment:   None. Students should bring their own morning tea and lunch.

Please submit your application for consideration, before Sunday 17th June 2018, and we will contact you to confirm your place within one week of the closing date.


Day 1 - Introduction to Programming
We kick off with a gentle introduction to programming in Python, one of the most popular and favoured languages for beginners and veterans alike.

Day 2 - Introduction to Microbits
Almost every electronic device in today’s world is controlled by code, from phones to gaming consoles. We step into the world of a tiny computer known as the Microbit and build our own mini console.

Day 3 - Introduction to Game Development
Today, we explore the complexity of what we can create and the problems we can solve with code on a computer - this time not on a Microbit, but on a gargantuan computer known as a ‘desktop’.

Day 4 - Introduction to Web Development
And so, we come to the invisible thing that ties everything together - the web. See the true colours of a website behind its pages, pictures and links, as we guide you through building one.

Day 5 - Introduction to Security
Cybersecurity conjures up an image from the movies of a hooded person typing away on a computer in a dark room. But how real is this? There is more to security than meets the eye, so come along today if you want to learn some juicy secrets. Or are they?

Registrations close Sunday, 17 June 2018.