UNSW Computing is one of the largest and finest of its kind in Australasia. We offer undergraduate bachelor degree programs in the areas of bioinformatics, computer engineering, software engineering, and computer science. Several dual award programs are available, which allow students to combine their major program of study with other awards such as science, arts, commerce, and biomedical engineering.

UNSW Computing also has a strong commitment to research, with focus in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Computer Architecture, Computer Systems, Database Systems, Networks & Software Engineering. It is complimented with high quality research facilities. UNSW Computing's research facilities and associated programs feed leading edge materials into final year electives and research projects.

There is opportunity for all undergraduates to complete a research thesis as part of their Bachelor of Engineering or through the honours program available to Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) students.

Bioinformatics Engineering
An interdisciplinary area of study which draws upon both computing and the life sciences.. Find out more
Computer Engineering
The study of hardware and software components for the integrated design of computerised systems.. Find out more
Software Engineering
Combines the common computing core with design and project management skills.. Find out more
Computer Science
Students study the common core, but are then free to choose other courses to specialise in their own way.. Find out more
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