Grad Check Sheets

Students commencing 2015* onwards:

*2012 for Computer Science Students

Graduation checks are now available to download. Please download the correct graduation check from the table below and complete it by filling in all previously passed courses.

If you require formal confirmation of your progression as you near graduation, please attach your completed grad check and email a request to the UNSW Computing Student Services Office and include your Student ID.

Note: If you have any approved substitutions or special circumstances, please include this information in your email request so we can cross-check your file.

Stream Commencing Year
Computer Science 2012 - 2016 2017 Onwards
Computer Engineering 2015 - 2016 2017 Onwards
Software Engineering 2015 - 2016 2017 Onwards
Bioinformatics Engineering 2015 - 2016 2017 Onwards
Dual - B Engineering/CompSci 2015 - 2016 (3772) 2017 Onwards (3785)


Students commencing 2014 and prior:

Online graduation checks are not currently available for download.

If you are nearing completion of your program, and want to ensure you are on the right track towards graduation, please email a request to the UNSW Computing Student Services Office and include your Student ID.


Frequently Asked Questions

I started before 2015, where is my graduation check?

Graduation Checks are not currently available for students who commenced prior to 2015. If you are in your final academic year, please email your request to the CSE Student Office and include your zID.

I transferred into my CSE program in year xxxx, but I started my degree in year xxxx. Which grad check do I use?

Use the Graduation Check for the year that you commenced your current program.

I’m in my first/second year, can I request an official graduation check?

Generally you should not require a formal graduation check in first or second year. Program requirements are clearly outlined on the relevant handbook page and on our website. You should use these resources when selecting your courses.

What is the difference between Free Electives and General Education?

Free electives can be courses at any level, in any subject area, from any faculty. General Education courses must be offered by a Faculty that is NOT the Engineering Faculty and NOT related to CORE courses.

For example, in the Computer Science program, core courses are a mix of COMP and MATH. Therefore, COMP and MATH courses do not count towards your General Education requirements.

Please note: Specified Gen Ed subjects (Subjects starting with GEN) cannot count as free elective subjects.