Enrolment advice

Commencing students should consult this page in addition to the below advice.

Important dates - Semester 2, 2016

Deadline Event
25 July 2016 Classes commence
31 July 2016 Last day to change your enrolment
31 August 2016 Last day to withdraw without academic or financial penalty (census date)
11 September 2016

Last day to withdraw with financial penalty but without academic penalty

30 October 2016

Last day to discontinue courses with academic penalty, resulting in AW grade

General advice on course selection

Selecting your courses for the coming semester can be challenging. A good starting point is to consult the program structure outlined on the Program Options pages and in the UNSW Handbook, which is linked from the table below.

Once you know the core courses and/or electives you want to enrol in, you can consult the UNSW Timetable to determine availability and class times.

Students should take care in 2016 as some courses have had their semester offerings changed and a few are now offered once per year. The list of changes below is a summary of changes to core courses only and students should confirm elective offerings by checking the timetable before finalising their enrolment.

  • COMP2911 will be offered in Semester One only
  • COMP2121 will be offered in both semesters
  • COMP2041 will be offered in Semester Two only
  • COMP3311 will run in Semester One for 2016

You may also find it useful to use Bojangles to plan your study. Bojangles was developed by UNSW Computing students and though we think it works well it's important to confirm your timetable through myUNSW as this is not an official site.

Finally, enrolling in the courses can be done through myUNSW - make sure that you complete your enrolment and do not leave any courses as 'pending'.

If there have been some program changes you need to be aware of, these will be listed in the following table under program notes.  Wherever possible you should endeavour to follow the revised and current version of your program. It is in your best interests to graduate with a qualification reflecting the current requirements for the discipline at UNSW. Should you have any problems following the new program due to a change in program requirements, please seek advice from the UNSW Computing Student Office. We will assist you in developing an appropriate enrolment plan that will not cause any delay in your completion and graduation.

Academic advice can be given by program coordinators, whose details are listed below, however we recommend that you contact the UNSW Computing Student Office first as we can assist you with the majority of your enquiries. Enquiries via email will receive a response within 24 hours.

Program Contact Program Notes

3647 BE Bioinformatics


3707 BE (Hons) Bioinformatics

Program Director

• No change for 2016

3645 BE Computer Engineering


3707 BE (Hons) Computer Engineering

Program Director • No change for 2016
3978 Computer Science Program Director • No change for 2016

3648 BE Software Engineering


3707 BE (Hons) Software Engineering

Program Director

• In the 3648 program students are advised to take COMP4920 (Management and Ethics) in Semester 2 in place of SENG4921.

• The MATH1081 co-requisite for COMP2111 has been changed to a pre-requisite. Students must complete MATH1081 in first year to be able to take COMP2111 and the SENG workshops during second year.