Coop program

Handbook entry: COMPK13978

The Computer Science Co-op Program is based on the standard Computer Science undergraduate program but with the following special features:
  • CSE academics and senior managers from industry have jointly planned the program.
  • Co-op students receive structured industrial training and gain valuable work experience with up to two different employers.
  • The Computer Science Co-op Program offers two industrial placements totalling approximately 18 months.
  • The Co-op scholars are receiving a generous tax-free scholarship (See the Co-op Website for details). This is paid in fortnightly installments and can be used at the student's discretion.
  • On graduation, sponsors are always looking to recruit Co-op Scholars.

This program is available only to students in program 3978 who are recipients of a co-op scholarship.

Program structure

In addition to the full 3978 program requirements, students will complete the following Industrial Training requirements over the course of their studies:

COMP4904 Industrial Training 1 (18 UOC)

COMP4905 Industrial Training 2 (15 UOC)

COMP4906 Industrial Training 3 (15 UOC)

Student must also complete COMP3311 instead of one elective in Year 2 and 30UoC of Electives in Year 4.



Electives are selected from any other discipline where pre-requisites are met. Studetns should observe the followoing restrictions:

  • Students are not permitted to complete more than 30 UoC of First Year electives.
  • Students proceeding to the Honours year must take at least 30 UoC level 3 courses.
  • Students can do any COMP3xxx, COMP4xxx , and COMP9xxx courses to meet their Year 3/4 Computer Science Electives requirements if they meet the prerequisites for that course.

Recommended Coop electives are COMP3121 Algorithms & Programming Techniques and COMP3331 Computer Networks & Applications.

Full list of COMP courses available here.

General education

UNSW wants all students to develop skills in a broad range of areas, not just in their specific study discipline, and so students in all degrees are required to undertake a number of general studies courses outside their discipline. Students should select courses from disciplines that are not available in their program as core or elective courses.

See UNSW on General Educaiton for more information.

Year 4 honours (optional)

Computer Science Honours takes one year full-time or two years part-time of study. Normally, students are expected to have attained an average mark of 65 (according to the myUNSW calculations) to qualify for entry to the honours year. Students who do not meet this expectation may be admitted in special circumstances.

Students who have graduated with a three year computer science degree from the University of NSW or another university can apply for admission to honours.

Detailed information about the program is available on the Honours website.