Help & resources

CSE Help & Resources

For staff

  • UNSW Computing Room Bookings (myCSE)
  • Leaving UNSW Computing: What needs to happen before you leave UNSW Computing.
  • Visitor Flowchart: A guide for when you have visiting students or staff at the School

For computing

  • UNSW Computing Help Desk:  Front-end support for users of the UNSW Computing computing system; Monitoring, maintaining and improving UNSW Computing's laboratory facilities; Common support services include: accounts, quotas, computers, printers, system commands, software loans, swipe-card access.
  • Account Control Panel:  page for quickly checking your quota, resources, bookings, license keys and more! (requires javascript)
  • System Support:  aka SS. First level support for staff and research students (undergraduates should contact Helpdesk first).
  • FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions about the Systems at UNSW Computing, and their answers.The best place to start looking for answers.
  • UNSW Computing Forums:  A set of forums for getting help at UNSW Computing, as well as collaborating on courses, research, teaching and general topics. It is also used by support staff to notify you of new services and issues with existing ones, plus you can make your own suggestions on how to improve things!
  • Computing Facilities: Look up the CSE Taggi for laboratory locations, capacity, hardware, opening times. Also for server and peripheral information; quotas and allocation.