Decommissioning of CSE Systems


The university is undergoing a major change process at the moment, which is resulting in the centralisation of a number of core School functions. As part of this process, CSE has not been able to replace the associated positions dedicated to the upkeep and development of these systems. As as result, internal systems must be decoupled from the current operational activities of the school and be switched off given there are no longer resources dedicated to this function within the School.

Decommissioning will occur in phases in order to minimise the overall impact of this change. Internal School processes will be updated to ensure that functionality can continue as these systems are switched off.


The purpose of this project is to investigate the current services being run out of these systems, fix critical problems when they arise, and work towards switching off various aspects of the system as they are ready to be decommissioned.


  • MyCSE and iCsE will be decommissioned.
  • There will no longer be support for FileMaker based systems after the completion of this project
  • No new features or functionality are to be built within the decommissioning project.
 The exception being at the completion of this project, new functionality may built for the Faculty of Engineering if required.
  • Data may need to be extracted and retained in some format.


Decommissioned Services

 Below is the list of services which have now been decommissioned.

Room Bookings 18th May 2017 Please visit the CSE Room Booking page for information on booking rooms via Outlook.
Diary Order Form 8 November 2017 The School will maintain a small stock of diaries for distribution. All diaries will be subject to availability.
myCSE Staff Profile 14 November 2017 The School will no longer maintain an internal Staff Profile/Contact List. All staff must update their details in myUNSW. Go to "My Staff Profile" and select “Staff Directory".
Emergency Contact List 14 November 2017 The School will no longer maintain an internal Emergency Contact List. All staff must update their Emergency Contact details in myUNSW. Go to "My Staff Profile" and select "Emergency Contacts".
Performance Review  14 November 2017  All performance reviews will now be completed using the UNSW myCareer portal. For more information, please visit:
Travel 14 November 2017 Staff and students should follow the UNSW policy for Travel. Further details and forms are available on the UNSW Finance website:
Create Job Listing 22 November 2017 To advertise a position, please register with the UNSW Careers and Employment team. For information, please visit:
PG Project Nominations 5 December 2017 For information on PG projects, please visit the 8543 MIT website and see the "Project Options" heading.