Frequently asked questions

Semester 2, 2017

Updated - 5 June 2017

This page deals with several of the frequently asked questions the Student Services Office has received for the current semester.


I'd like to get a Graduation Check to ensure i'm on the right track for my degree, how do i do this?

Please contact the UNSW Computing Student Services Office by email requesting a Grad Check and include your Student ID.

We will review your previously completed courses and respond with a list of your remaining requirements.


How do I swap courses/tutorial times in myUNSW?

If the course or tut class you are trying to swap to is full, you will not be able to swap using myUNSW. The CSE Office, cannot manually swap you into a class that is full due to Health and Safety regulations.

To swap into an available course or change tut/classes for an enrolled course, you can follow the step-by-step instructions available on the following Enrolment web page.


There is no lecturer allocated to a course I am enrolled in, or interested in enrolling in, what should I do?

The allocation will be published as soon as they are known. 


How do I find out if a course is cancelled?

If a course is cancelled then this will be reflected on the Class Timetable and enrolled students will be advised about the cancellations via a system message.  If a course is not cancelled on the Class Timetable then we anticipate that the course is running, however, the deadline for the School to cancel a course is not until 1 week before semester commences. 

Cancellations that close to the start of semester are rare.


I have enrolled in the web lecture of a course and I cannot see this in my Class Timetable?

If you have enrolled in the web lecture then this will not be listed in your Class Timetable as there will be no room allocated to this lecture. If you scroll down the bottom of the Class Schedule Summary you will see the lecture listed as 'WEB' and under Day/Time you will see 'TBA'. You are required to listen to the lecture recordings in your own time and place.


I would like to have a requisite waived, what should I do?

Waivers are generally not approved for core courses or in cases where the requisite is a core course in your program.

If the requisite is not a core course and you'd like it to be waived to enrol in an Elective, you will need to seek a requisite waiver from the lecturer whose course you have not met the requirements for. This can be done by email. You should demonstrate where you have covered the topic previously in your request and attach certified copies of supporting material (eg. transcript).

If approved, forward the permission to or and include your UNSW Student ID.  If your request is approved the Student Office will enrol you manually.

Please visit the CSE Requisite Waiver Policy page for more details.


I have a timetable clash and cannot enrol, what should I do?

If you can’t enrol in the courses without a timetable clash then there are 2 options,

  1. select another course or
  2. ask for timetable clash approval from the lecturer in charge. Please note that lecture clashes are never recommended however we understand they are sometimes unavoidable.

You will need to seek lecture clash approval from the lecturer whose course you intend to miss. This is done by email.

If approved please forward the permission to or along with your student ID and we will enrol you manually.

Please note a lecture clash is not grounds for special consideration in the event you perform poorly.


I would like to overload, what should I do?

Note that overloading is never recommended as even the best students struggle with the extra units of credit. However students who have a strong WAM can contact the UNSW Computing Student Services Office by email specifying the course they wish to enrol into with class time/s, confirm they take full responsibility for the additional workload, acknowledge that overloading is not grounds for special consideration and confirm they are aware of the financial and academic deadlines for dropping a course.


I have contacted the Lecturer and they haven’t responded yet, what should I do?

You should give the lecturer five (5) working days to respond to your email, if the lecturer has not replied after these days then you may send them a reminder email. If you did not receive a reply within five working days after the reminder email then you can forward the email on to the UNSW Computing Student Services Office and we will try to contact the lecturer on your behalf.


I would like to change programs, what should I do?

If you are an undergraduate student currently studying at UNSW then you may apply for a program transfer via the two following methods:

For more information on the difference between IPT via myUNSW and UAC you should check the Faculty of Engineering website.

For more information on the IPT Application Period and the IPT Acceptance Period you should check the UNSW Key Dates.


Can I already enrol into courses for the program I wish to transfer to?

You may enrol in any course as long as the requisites are observed, however you should review your enrolment after the IPT Acceptance Period and before the start of semester to ensure the courses you selected will count towards the program you are enrolled in.


I would like to have advice on my course selection, what should I do?

Selecting your courses for the coming semester can be challenging. A good starting point is to consult the program structure outlined on our website here.

Once you know the core courses and/or electives you want to enrol in, you can consult the UNSW Handbook for course descriptions, and the UNSW Timetable to determine availability and class times.

Students should also check the UNSW Computing Enrolment Advice page.


Does UNSW Computing offer any courses during the Winter Break?

UNSW Computing does NOT offer any courses during the Winter Break (June-July). 


Does UNSW Computing offer any courses during the Summer Break?

Yes, Summer Semester enrolments open in October. UNSW Computing offers:

COMP2521 - Data Structures and Algorithms