CSE Graduations

The CSE Student Office starts performing progression checks on students soon after the last day to withdraw from a course without failure passes (approx. week 7) and completes all processing before results are finalised.

Once results are finalised, students who are eligible for graduation (and who have no outstanding results or requirements) will be confirmed and will be able to see their graduation status in myUNSW. Award completion letters can be requested by lodging your request via myUNSW and collecting from Student Central.

Where appropriate, a recommendation for honours will take place approximately one week after results are finalised and students will see the details in the award section of their myUNSW transcript.

NOTE: if you are in a double degree and you have not declared your UNSW Computing major we have no way of knowing who you are.   It is important that your major is declared as early in the program as possible and you can do this by contacting the Engineering Student Support Services.

See for full details of what you need in preparation for graduation including ceremony dates and deadlines.