UNSW Computing policies


Academic standing

Students who have an academic standing level other than GOOD must contact their Academic Advisor to arrange an appointment to discuss issues which were affecting their past academic performance and ways to enhance both their progression and performance for the upcoming semester. Your Academic Advisor will be able to advise you on available services offered by UNSW to assist you in overcoming your issues.

Please complete the online Academic Standing Interview Form (pdf) and email it to your Academic Advisor prior to your appointment.

In the interview your Academic Advisor will then complete their section and return the completed form to the CSE Student Office by email.

More information on the rules governing academic standing can be found here.


Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s thoughts or work as your own. It can take many forms, from not having appropriate academic referencing to deliberate cheating. So how do you avoid it? More information on avoiding plagiarism can be found here.