Health & safety

UNSW's aim is to provide a safe, healthy and secure learning and working environment for all students, staff, contractors and visitors. To achieve this goal, everyone has a responsibility for ensuring that their actions do not adversely affect the health, safety and welfare of themselves or others. The university has laid out these goals in its Health & Safety policy statement. The policy applies to all staff, students, visitors and contractors of UNSW.

The University has in place an Health and Safety Management System. The system includes a set of plans, actions and procedures to manage health and safety in the workplace. All staff, students, visitors and contractors within UNSW Computing are required to work within this Health and Safety Management System.

Further information:

All completed forms should be authorised by your area supervisor and the Head of School and returned to the UNSW Computing HS Manager.

Important information

If you have identified a hazard in your workplace, or want to report an incident then please report the incident online.

Or visit the UNSW Health & Safety website for access to forms.

If you have any other issues relating to Health & Safety:

  • Inform your supervisor or manager who will bring the issue to the attention of the School's Health & Safety Committee; OR
  • If your supervisor or manager does not follow up the issue within 24 hours, then please directly contact your workplace representative (pdf)


2016 UNSW Computing health & safety meeting datesCSE WHS

The following meetings will start promptly at 10.30am until 12noon and be held in the Head of Schools Committee Room, K17 Room 103.

  • Thursday 11th February  
  • Tuesday 12th April
  • Thursday 30th June
  • Thursday 10th November

All hard copies of Level 3 H&S agenda and minutes are kept with the Health and Safety Manager.  If you wish to view, please contact