For students

General Help & Resources

  • Examinations: Information on internally, (CSE run) and UNSW administered exams
  • Graduations: For students due to complete their degree requirements
  • Forms: Make sure you have the right supporting documents
  • Grievance Officer: If you have a grievance that has to do with UNSW Computer Science and Engineering, you can appeal to the School Grievance Officer.
  • Job Listings: Engage with employers for industrial training, internships, work experience and graduate opportunities.
  • Workplace Health and Safety: Workplace health and safety for building K17 and areas controlled by UNSW Computing. The School has an WHS management system to ensure the welfare, health, and safety of staff, students, visitors and contractors. Local procedures and forms along with links to UNSW WHS information can be found here.
  • O-Week: Orientation activities for new students


UNSW Computing Help & Resources Groups

  • Student Office: Provides advice on all student related matters, including; admission, transfer credit, course selection, program structures, transfers, academic standing, graduations, weighted averages and online forms
  • Computer Support Group: For help with UNSW Computing resources like computer labs, UNSW Computing accounts, printers, all the UNSW Computing servers, etc. Undergraduates can contact  Helpdesk, staff and postgraduates they can contact  SS.


UNSW Provided Help & Resources

  • Timetable: Timetables are released at the end of November for semester 1 courses, and April for semester 2 courses.  Summer timetables are released in late September for December-January courses. Due to strict resource requirements, it is possible that some courses and/or classes may change location, time, or even be cancelled.  The School of CSE will notify students of any changes where possible, but advise students that it is best to check the timetable closer to the start of semester to be sure. If in doubt, check with staff at the CSE Student Office.
  • UNSW Handbook: The UNSW Handbook is a comprehensive program guide for prospective and current students seeking information about studying at UNSW.
  • UNSW Student Services : Learning Services, Counselling, Careers & Employment, International Student Services


External Help & Resources

  • Systers: An informal organisation for technical women in computing founded by Anita Borg. If you are a woman in the technical end of computing, you are welcome.