Resources for Societies

Resources Available to your Society/Club

1) Levels:
The DO has grouped Societies and Clubs into three categories, which will determine the level of assistance that the group will get. This has been based on the amount and type of things that they do for UNSW Computing students, and a rough percentage of students in the group from UNSW Computing. These categories are not static and may change as the Society's/Club's contribution to the UNSW Computing Community changes.

Level 1 - IEEE, Gamedev
Level 2 - Sunswift, RoboGals, Red Back, SecSoc
Level 3 - CSE Soc, CSE Revue, Stureps

UNSW Computing will provide, upon request:

Level 1

  • Hosting for a website
  • Email alias
  • Limited ability to book K17 Rooms
  • Space for posters to advertise student events
  • Some colour Printing (A3, A4) of promotional posters
  • emails to promote events/AGM may be sent to soc-announce, but will still be re-posted at the discretion of the CSE Soc moderator.

Level 2

  • All of level 1
  • Some financial assistance (eg for food catering for events)
  • More colour printing

Level 3

  • All of level2
  • Further financial assistance
  • More colour printing
  • Access to Socs Office*

*See rules on the Socs Office below.


2) Request for funding from UNSW Computing

The Development Office and UNSW Computing may provide financial assistance for special events, seminars, student travel, etc. The funding for this is limited, and in general, student groups are expected to be self funding. However, we have helped many groups in the past and will continue to do so. These requests should be made to the Manager of the DO. All Levels may apply for special financial assistance for a special event by sending a proposal to the Manager of the DO. Each event will be considered for it's merits at that time.

3) Contacting the HoS, Facilities, SS, ETC

Although The Head of School is the person responsible for the School, rarely will any request go directly to him. Most student inquires should be directed to the UNSW Computing Student Office or the UNSW Computing Development Office - they have been set up for students!

Complaints may be directed to the Grievance Officers. A grievance is defined as a "cause for complaint, especially of unjust treatment". If you have a grievance that has to do with the School of Computer Science and Engineering, you can appeal to one of the School Grievance Officers, currently: Gabi Keller and Ken Robinson.

The Head of School tries to have his door open to staff and students as much as he can, but please do not abuse this!

All requests that involve UNSW Computing Facilities or SS should be sent to the DO Manager.


UNSW has a policy to be environmentally friendly. Poster printing is seen by many as a waste of paper, so all efforts should be made to minimize the number of pages printed.

The School has a colour printer for A3 and A2 size posters/flyers. To get something printed, email a pdf, .ai, .psd or .eps to the DO Manager with a request for printing, including the size and the number of pages requested. Note that jpeg posters usually print poorly and so would be a waste in colour. Posters must include the organising groups name and logo.

Posters must never be put up with sticky/masking tape. They should only be placed on the notice boards at Coffee on Campus, next to the Student Office, and next to the Socs Office (x2). Do not place them on windows, doors or walls.

When requesting posters to be printed, please allow five working days before you need the posters in case of printer problems, etc, or just in case we are busy or away!

5) Lab machine log-in screens.

The installation, configuration and testing of each theme takes a CSG member approx 30 - 45 minutes to complete, so request should only be for major events. Email the DO Manager with any requests.

6) UNSW Computing Calendar

The UNSW Computing Calendar is shown on the G-Floor TV, and (soon) on Google Calendar, etc, by subscription. Email the DO Manager with any requests.

7) Online Voting System

Upon request to the DO Manager, UNSW Computing will host a club's/society's election.

  1. 4 weeks before the election, the Society/Club tells the DO the positions available, and how many can fill each position (eg two VP's) and how many candidates voters are allowed to vote for (eg 4 candidates in the council)
  2. Students send nominations either to the Society or to the SDC.
  3. Nominated candidates can send the Society or us a URL which has a spiel about themselves (and maybe a photo)
  4. Nominations Close
  5. We set up a webpage with the name of each candidate linked to the URL they have provided (if provided). For positions with only one vote, radio buttons, for positions with more that one vote, check boxes.
  6. to enter the webpage would require a UNSW Computing Login, which checks that the students has not voted before (this will be a problem for groups which include non-Computing members.
  7. at the closing time for the election, candidates with the most votes win the position. If there is a tie, another election is held just for that position, or the society can decide to appoint both candidates. This case should be discussed before the commencement of the election.

8) Room Requests

*Failure to leave a room in a tidy state will lead to a suspension of booking privileges*

All room requests are done using Microsoft Outlook

Available Booking hours:

In general, the Seminar Room and other UNSW Computing locations (labs, meeting rooms, etc) will only be available for unsupervised student use during normal business hours (9:00-17:00). Outside of these times special permission needs to be obtained. Please allow two weeks for this process.

Overnight and weekend access may require staff supervision (eg UNSW Computing technical support or Security Services) - which requires overtime pay which is costly to the School, and these costs may be passed on to the requesting group. Please take this into consideration when planning an event. If you really require an out of business hours booking, you should send an email request to the HoS via the DO Manager at the same time that you submit the room request. Room request will not be processed until the after hours request is approved.


You will need written permission from the Head of School if the event involves alcohol. Allow at least two weeks from your request. You should send an email to the HoS via the DO Manager at the time you make the booking.


All rooms should be left with the chairs in straight rows for the Seminar Room or under the tables for other rooms. All rubbish should be removed. A vacuum is available from the Socs Office if required. The white boards should be erased. The door should be closed. In the Seminar room the data projector must be shut down from the lectern (never touch the controls on the projector unit). A charge for cleaning may be levied if food and drink is spilled.

Booking Priority:

The Seminar Room is heavily utilized, so last minute bookings may often be impossible. Further, student bookings can be bumped by staff bookings, so please remember this also when planning. Booking a room but then not using it can inconvenience other groups, so repeat offenders may have this privilege suspended. Please try to reduce the wear-and-tear on the Seminar Room by only booking it for large events.

Kitchen (Common Room):

This is a staff area. Many of the staff feel that this is one area that they can relax in away from students, and so only for special events will student groups be given access to it. If the event is very large and requires exclusive use of the kitchen, please clearly state this in your request to the DO Manager. Permission is only at the discretion of the HoS.

9) Socs Office

The Socs Office has been set up by the DO to help these groups run. However, the room is a part of the DO and so is officially in DO Manager's name.

Only level 3 society executives are given access. Keeping this number small improves the security of the room. The card on the door is a "pending access" care. This means that one swipe will unlock the door until the card is swiped again.

People who are given access must abide by these rules:

  1. They are not allowed to let other people into the room when they are not there. If anyone without access if found in the room alone, the person who let them in will lose their access. If we are required to check the logs to find out who let them in, then the entire society that they belong to will lose access for a week (even if it is the week before "show" for the Revue).
  2. They are not allowed to lend other people their student cards (this is against UNSW policy)
  3. When they leave the room, unless another person with access is there, all other people are required to leave as well.
  4. The room is to be kept both clean and tidy. If not, it will be closed to everyone.
  5. Logs are randomly checked, so if anyone has access who shouldn't, let us know. If we find an unauthorised person has access and you haven't told me, we will consider removing access from everyone.
  6. Sleeping is not allowed in the Socs Office, or anywhere else in K17, day or night. It is unsafe if there is an emergency, as the fire brigade are told that this is an office and so do not conduct searches for sleeping people.

The room is being lent to you in good faith. Please do not ruin the privilege. It is suggested that whenever you use the room you put the door into "open" mode so that any students may visit. If you use the room with the door locked you risk getting a reputation of being elitist.