Big Data: Hype and Reality

11 October 2019 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm
K-J17-G03 Ainsworth G03
Mohan Photo
Prof. C. Mohan

Big Data has become a hot topic in the last few years in both industry and the research community. For the most part, these developments were initially triggered by the requirements of Web 2.0 companies. Both technical and non-technical issues have continued to fuel the rapid pace of developments in the Big Data space. Open source and non-traditional software entities have played key roles in the latter. As it always happens with any emerging technology, there is a fair amount of hype that accompanies the work being done in the name of Big Data. The set of clear-cut distinctions that were made initially between Big Data systems and traditional database management systems are being blurred as the needs of the broader set of (real world) users and developers have come into sharper focus in the last couple of years. In this talk, Prof. C Mohan will survey the developments in Big Data and try to distill reality from the hype!

Speaker: Prof. C. Mohan

Dr. C. Mohan is currently an IBM Fellow at the IBM Almaden Research Center in Silicon Valley and a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Tsinghua University in China. He has been an IBM researcher for 37 years in the database and related areas, impacting numerous IBM and non-IBM products, the research and academic communities, and standards, especially with his invention of the well-known ARIES family of database locking and recovery algorithms, and the Presumed Abort distributed commit protocol.

IBM Fellow 1997
IEEE Fellow 2002
ACM Fellow 2002
US NAE 2009
ACM SIGMOD Edgar F. Codd Innovations Award 1996
Indian National Academy of Engineering 2009
Distinguished Visiting Professor Tsinghua University 2016

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Host: Prof. Xuemin Lin

School of Computer Science and Engineering
+61 2 9385 6493
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