Open Day 2018

Open Day 2018

Another amazing Open Day for CSE this year!

Another amazing Open Day for CSE this year!  Thank you to Jo Hale our school Manager for all her hard work on this day.  Thank you also to the academics who answered hundreds of study option questions.
Our trusty Robocup (Robotic Soccer fostering AI) pals headed the way with lots of interactive opportunities, plus we had lots of on-computer assistants to help our students find their way through a host of new online programming experiences.
Open Day is a MUST for all high schools students looking to study any area of computing.  Hundreds of student study option questions were answered by our academics.  CREATE UNSW, the UNSW makers club of like-minded innovators inspired students to turn their ideas into working designs.  Students completed laps in the Redback racing simulator.  Mars Rover team Bluesat demonstrated their sensor suite.  Systems Software researchers at UNSW and Data61 explored ways to make huge systems and tiny devices that always work.  We held Interactive cinema lab tours, and the ever-popular Prof Richard Buckland talked about computing and life. 
Check out all the photos here.
Don’t miss our next big on-campus event, Info Day, in December.  Another opportunity to ask any questions you like about your exciting study options here at UNSW Computing!
Professor Fethi Rabhi said there was non-stop interest at the UNSW Computing desk this year.  He also said there were a lot of enquiries about flexible study plans.

This year we had a non-stop interest at the UNSW Computing desk

Professor Fethi Rabhi.

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