Pasindu Aluthwala's Working Chip

CSE PhD student, Pasindu Aluthwala, has broken the “6 dB/bit rule”, a 67 year old popular signal processing limit. 

Pasindu has been looking into designing area and power efficient on-chip digital sine-wave synthesizers for on-chip self-test, lab-on-chip, and communication system applications. The performance of conventional digital sine-wave synthesizers is bound by the “6 dB/bit” rule, but the research conducted by Pasindu has found that an alternate type of digital sine-wave synthesizers can perform up to 10.6 dB/bit with careful design.

To verify the findings Pasindu has successfully designed, fabricated, and tested a chip containing two different prototype circuits, using a 130 nm CMOS semiconductor process supported by STMicroelectronics.

Pasindu joins an exclusive club of chip designers who had their first chip working without any errors. 

Pasindu is jointly supervised by CSE's Sri Parameswaran, Associate Prof. Torsten Lehmann (UNSW EET), Dr. Andrew Adams (Technical Director at Broadcom Inc) and Prof. Neil Weste.

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