UNSW/CSCRC PhD Scholarship Opportunity

School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), UNSW is looking for a PhD candidate to join our team in solving privacy problems in the area of the Internet of Things (IoT) in collaboration with the Cybersecurity CRC.

About Research in Privacy of IoT:


The Internet of Things (IoT) has been advanced rapidly over the past decade. With the explosion of IoT devices in almost every aspect of life, from personal monitoring devices to smart homes and smart cities, our lives become heavily dependent on this technology. These devices allow users to monitor and interact with their living spaces from anywhere, thus offering them flexibility and comfort in their personal and professional lives. However, continuous interactions and monitoring by these digitally augmented devices have also raised user privacy concerns that may lead to threats such as user tracking and identification.  On the other hand, the interconnected network of IoT devices generates a massive amount of data that needs to provide privacy guarantees before being stored or shared with the third-parties. Through this research work, we aim to investigate two key aspects of privacy in the IoT domain:  i) security and privacy measurement analysis, and ii) data sharing and exchange with external entities.  


Security and privacy measurement analysis: This part of the research focuses on performing extensive measurement analysis on IoT devices in various domains and environments. It tends to investigate IoT devices deployed in various surroundings such as smart homes, smart cities, or personalized spaces from various aspects such as third-party resources, libraries, protocols, virus analysis, and information-disclosure analysis. Contrary to analysis on the web and mobile platforms, performing measurement analysis in the IoT domain is quite challenging because of diversity in IoT platforms, programming languages, and underlying structure.


Data sharing and exchange with external entities: This part focuses on understanding the current privacy issues of sharing IoT data with third parties. We will first investigate the heterogeneity of the IoT data produced by different devices in different domains and then try to answer a research question: Is it possible to design and develop a unified privacy-preserving framework for publishing or sharing heterogeneous IoT data with third-parties? 


Available Position and Stipend


The Scholarship is provided by the CSCRC for three years (with a possible 6 months extension) for a PhD Scholarships of up to $50,000 per annum are available for Australian Citizens. Applicants from Five Eye and NATO will be considered. This scholarship is not available for other International students in the current round.  Additional funding support for conference travel and development may be available.



  • Have completed a Bachelor of degree with a 1st class Honours, or a Masters degree that contains a significant (and relevant) research component with equivalent academic performance in Computer Science or similar. 
  • Good programming skills are required (C++, Java, Python, or others).
  • Knowledge about security, privacy, or IoT disciplines is preferable.
  • Training and skills in AI and machine learning are preferable.
  • Be assessed by the UNSW as meeting all conditions for admission to the Doctoral program. For more information about the entry requirements for Higher Degrees by Research at the UNSW, please visit the UNSW Research website.
  • English proficiency is required. 


Application Procedure


In the first instance, prospective applicants should discuss their qualifications and research interests with Professor Sanjay Jha or Dr Rahat Masood by sending following documents via email to sanjay.jha@unsw.edu.au  or rahat.masood@unsw.edu.au with the subject line: CSCRC_[First name]_[Last name]


  • Expression of Interest.
  • Cover Letter
  • Your CV
  • Copies of your academic transcripts


Candidates will be invited for an interview over video-conference.



About CSCRC:


The Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CSCRC) aims to inspire the next generation of cyber security professionals by supporting innovative, industry-driven research into pressing cyber security problems. The centre offers PhD and Masters scholarships in cyber security to the best and brightest students through the participating universities. In addition to receiving scholarships, successful students will be privileged to work with some of the best cyber security researchers in Australia and engaged with CSCRC Industry & Government Participants. Further details of the CSCRC Government and Industry Participants are available at https://www.cybersecuritycrc.org.au.




CSE is one of the largest (with over 3,800 students) and most prestigious computing schools in Australia with the most significant impact on society. It offers undergraduate programs in Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Bioinformatics, as well as a number of combined degrees with other disciplines. It attracts excellent students who have an outstanding record in international competitions. Our research mission is to be world-building, world-changing, or world-leading in our research into new and exciting innovations with profound national and international impact. For further information about the School, please visit http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/ .

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