AI & Robotics Research Group at CeBIT

The AI & Robotics Research Group we pleased to showcase some of our robots at the CeBIT expo at Darling Harbour from May 23 - 25 2017.

We demonstrated our new Toyota HSR (Human Support Robot) a new robot that is designed for use in the home, and our Baxter robot, that is designed for small scale industrial automation. 

CSE was selected to received only one of 12 HSR’s that have been given to universities world-wide, to help develop new autonomous software for the robot platform.

We will also be using the HSR to compete in the RoboCup@Home competition to be held in Nagoya, Japan starting July 25.

We are currently using the Baxter robot to study trust between humans and robots when working together.

Photos of the CeBIT event can be found here


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