The classic ice tray needs a refresh

Engineering Student Ambassador Brody Smith wanted to study engineering so that he could improve the quality of people's lives.Engineering student Brody wins Pitch Night with his ingenious ice cube tube design

The only thing more exciting than hatching a great idea is watching that idea become a reality. That’s probably why Brody Smith – winner of MCIC’s inaugural Pitch Your Project competition – has been over the moon this past week.

It all started months ago when Brody found himself in a bit of a pickle, as he tried getting ice cubes out of an ice tray. “It’s not easy. You want to force one ice cube out and you end up getting 10,” he lamented. He got thinking. He made some sketches of new-and-improved ice trays and ended up with the ice cube tube – a trouble-free tube-shaped freezing mold that fits into your refrigerator like a missing puzzle piece.

Now, Brody’s all geared up for a six-week stint at the MCIC where he’ll receive plenty of support and guidance in making and marketing his ice-cube tube.

“I’m really excited. I think there’s going to be a lot of work involved in this project but I’m expecting to learn a lot,” says Brody.

Pitch Your Project is a brainchild event of the MCIC which allows anyone from the UNSW community to pitch project ideas, hear about ideas or even just have a chat and get connected with other innovators.

For six weeks Brody will be given technical assistance, access to MCIC’s network of collaborators, a hot-desk and storage, plus a grant to help get him started.

Apart from Brody’s ice cube tube, a dozen other fantastic concepts were talked about at the event last Friday.

Pitch Your Project will run every 6 six weeks with the next event scheduled for April 20th. Would you like to pitch your project idea? Register for Pitch Night.

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