Graduate Diploma in Information Technology

Handbook entry: Program 5543

3 semesters full-time or 
6 semesters part-time

Program requirements for Students commencing 2018 onwards:

Students must complete the following:

  • 8 more COMP4 or higher (level 0,1, 2 or 3) elective courses

Total: 72 uoc (12 courses)

Advanced Disciplinary Knowledge (ADK) requirement:

  • at least 3 of the above courses must come from the CSE ADK course list

Up to 2 of the non-ADK elective courses can be replaced by level-4 or higher non-CSE courses.


Program requirements for Students who commenced 2017 and prior:

Level 0, 1, 2, 3 elective courses: 72 uoc (12 courses)

Total: 72 uoc (12 courses)


Non-Computing elective options

Students may receive one elective option for every four UNSW Computing courses completed, including one free elective. 

Students with transfer credit will forfeit some of their elective options.  The 4:1 ratio for Computing:Non-Computing courses will still apply. For example:

Number of courses completed towards GradDipIT at UNSW 10—12 6—9
Transfer credit received 0—2 3—6
Minimum number of UNSW Computing courses required 8—10 5—8
Maximum number of Non-Computing Electives permitted (includes free elective) 2

It is possible for students to complete the program without using any non-Computing electives provided they are not in the Bioinformatics stream.

Students formally enrolled in the Bioinformatics stream, who have no transfer credit, and who are required to complete MATH5846 as a co-requisite for MATH5856 will use all of their elective options in meeting the requirements for this stream.

Students who have received transfer credit should seek advice from the Computing Student Office regarding the use of their elective options towards completion of this stream.

Entry requirements

  • a three year undergraduate degree equivalent to a standard Australian bachelor degree in a discipline containing mathematics up to year two level, and an average mark of 65 overall.
  • articulation into 5543 from 7543 is the completion of 7543 with a 65% average or no fails.
A discipline containing "mathematics up to year two level" would mean that applicants need to have an appropriate background in several of the following areas:
  • Discrete Maths
  • Linear Algebra
  • Engineering Maths
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Probability
  • Actuarial Maths
  • Numerical Methods
  • Vector Algebra


Students can apply to articulate from the GradDip (5543) to the MIT (8543) provided they have a WAM of 75 or above or have not failed any courses. Full credit will be granted.

Students who articulate do not have the option to graduate in the program which they are articulating from.

It is important for articulating students to bear in mind the Advanced Disciplinary Knowledge requirement in the MIT (8543) as student's will need to start completing the required number of ADK courses in their Grad Dip (5543).

Note: Grad Dip students wanting to articulate will be articulating to the new MIT program (implemented from 2017 onwards) and will have to meet the requirements of the new program in their remaining four (4) courses. Students intending to do this should make their course selections based on the MIT (8543) program structure to accommodate this.

For more information and the application form, please see the Articulation Site.

Transfer Credit

This is possible for up to 50% of the program. Students can seek transfer credit in select courses only.

More information can be found on the Transfer Credit, Exemption, Substitution website.


Up to two of the following streams will be rewarded on completion of the program. Students are required to complete three courses to satisfy the stream. Course levels are indicated in parentheses.

Visit the Specialisation page for full details.

COMPAS8543 Artificial Intelligence
COMPBS8543 Bioinformatics
COMPSS8543 Data Science and Engineering
COMPCS8543 Information Technology
COMPDS8543 Database Systems
COMPES8543 eCommerce Systems
COMPGS8543 Geospatial
COMPIS8543 Internetworking