Postgraduate research

Research Degrees

Research involves critical and creative activities and disciplined methods of inquiry designed to increase the stock of human knowledge, either directly by new discoveries, or otherwise through the development of innovative ideas, theoretical refinements or constructive critiques and syntheses of existing knowledge.

The goal of research is the publication, public demonstration or practical application of research findings. Disciplinary contributions differ widely, as do the media through which research achievements are communicated to other scholars and to the wider society, but the end-product is a statement of some kind: a publication, a conference presentation, a patent, an architectural design or some other result produced to standards and conventions determined by a national and international peer group.

Research programs leading to the award of degrees of Master or Doctor may be undertaken at UNSW Computing. The degree programs provide opportunities for qualified students to undertake courses of advanced study. A qualified applicant may be accepted subject to the availability of facilities and appropriate supervision. Each degree requires the submission of a thesis embodying the results of an original investigation or design. Whether a candidate qualifies or not for the degree will be entirely based on the examination of the thesis. For some candidature's, satisfactory performance in course work subjects is also required.

Research activities and groups

Research within the School is conducted largely within groups, although collaboration between groups is common. Research groups typically have a number of on-going research projects in specific areas related to the overall area of the groups' interest. More detail is available on the research activities in the School.

The UNSW Find a Researcher page allows you to search for researchers individually or by a research topic. You can also view school publications.