Networked Systems and Security Group (NetSyS)

Welcome to the home page of NetSyS (the Networked Systems and Security group, established in 1999) - a research group based at UNSW Computer Science and Engineering.

NetSyS is looking at supporting communication needs of major socio-economic domains such as transport, defence, energy and Internet/Telecommunication Services by providing innovative communication services to support a range of applications. These applications require different level of service from the communication network.

The aim of this group is to:

  • develop new algorithms/mechanisms/protocols, tools and techniques to improve end-user experience (quality of service) for a range of wired and wireless networking technologies.
  • fundamental/theoretical work with experimental work and proof of concept prototypes that can be used by end users or service providers.
  • develop tools that enable internet and telecommunications service providers to optimally design, deploy and maintain networks and network-enabled pervasive applications.

This group's research work primarily focuses on higher layers of communication protocols in the areas of IP Networking, Resilient Networking and Quality of Service Management in IP networking/Cloud, Wireless Mesh and Sensor networks, Network Mobility, Vehicular communication and Security Protocols. The group is an active participant in the UNSW Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (RCITI) and collaborates with the Australian Energy Research Institute (AERI). The group has a strong track publication and grant success track record. The Networks Research Laboratory has received support from industry partners and research labs such as CISRA, CSIRO, DSTO, Ericsson, FAST, Fujitsu, Google, Intel, Lucent, NEC, NICTA and Vodafone in addition to the ARC grant schemes.

Please feel free to browse through these pages to find out who we are, what research we do and courses and research training opportunities we offer.


[Left-to-Right] Mosarrat Jahan, Chitra Javali, Zainab Abaid, Salil Kanhere, Mohsen Rezvani, Arash Shaghaghi, Sayed Amir Hoseini, Ali Dorri, Hailun Tan, Girish Revadigar, Wanli Xue, Sanjay Jha, Wen Hu, Chun Tung Chou