Student Profile: Long Yuan

Student Profile: Long YuanWhere are you from and where did you complete your prior studies? 

I am from China, and I got my B.S. and M.S. degrees from Sichuan Univerity in 2010 and 2013, respectively. 

Why did you choose to enrol at UNSW? 

Firstly, Sydney is a beautiful city. Secondly, UNSW has an amazing academic reputation. Thirdly, my supervisor 

is a very eminent researcher in database system community and is well versed in algorithmic paradigms for database technology. 

What is your research about and why are you excited about your project? 

My correct research is about big graph processing. I am particularly interested in I/O efficient algorithms for massive graphs. 

In computer science, graphs are abstract data structures that model relationships among objects. They are now widely used in various domains including web graph, social networks, the semantic web, knowledge bases, protein-protein interaction networks, and bibliographical networks. Although graphs seems to be everywhere, many computational challenges remain to efficiently analyze, store and manage large graphs, especially in this big data age. Studying on the big graph processing problem will have impact on both the research community and practitioners of graph analytics, machine learning and recommender systems. 

What do you like to do outside of research and academics? 

Hiking, basketball, and Chinese calligraphy. 

What are your career goals and future plans? 

Find a academic job and keep on doing research. 

What advise do you have for prospective students interested in applying for a research degree at UNSW (or CSE)? 

"Knowing it is not as good as loving it; loving it is not as good as delighting in it."(知之者不如好之者,好之者不如乐之者). 

If you are keen on research, UNSW is a very good choice.