Student Projects

UGRD Special Projects 


This course aims to develop skills in conducting a research project. Under special circumstances, students can request to conduct a research project supervised by academic staff. This page covers special projects under the supervision of relevant academic staff. The UNSW Handbook entries provide access to some additional information, such as units of credit, and fees:

Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • formulate a research project complete with aims and goals
  • conduct a thorough literature survey for research project and write a report
  • identify major problems and obstacles to be overcome in completing project
  • formulate project methodology and project milestones
  • carry project through to completion
  • write a scientific project report
  • write and give a scientific project presentation

Course Details

  • Course Code/Title: COMP3901/COMP3902 Special Project A/B
  • Units of Credit: 6 (COMP3901) or 12 (COMP3902)


  • completed all 1st and 2nd year requirements;
  • WAM > 80
  • agreement from a UNSW Computing academic supervisor


A regular weekly meeting time will be scheduled during the first week of session with the relevant staff member.


  • Formulate research project aims
  • Literature survey; develop milestones
  • Presentation of literature survey, aims and milestones
  • Conduct research project
  • Final presentation and research project report

Teaching Strategies

You will learn the skills required to do conduct a research project that can be formulated and completed during a 12 week period. Starting with the formulation of aims, you will learn how to conduct a literature survey and identify the main problems and obstacles that need to be overcome in completing the project. You will then carry the project through to completion, develop a scientific report and give a presentation of your results.

Resources for Students

You will learn how to locate major research resources in the library and on the world wide web. Other project tools like wikis, source code repositories may also be utilised.


There are no formal classes but a weekly meeting will be scheduled during the first week of semester. Additional meeting times may also be scheduled.


Plagiarism is defined as using the words or ideas of others and presenting them as your own. UNSW and Computing treat plagiarism as academic misconduct, which means that it carries penalties as severe as being excluded from further study at UNSW. Read through the support pages for Referencing.

Make sure that you read and understand these. Ignorance is not accepted as an excuse for plagiarism, especially after first year.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated; assignment submissions will be checked for similarity and anyone found involved in plagiarism will be awarded an overall mark of zero for the entire course. This does not look good on your academic record.


There is no exam in this course.


Your final mark in this course will be based on your literature survey and project formulation report and presentation as well as your final report and presentation.


Component Weighting
literature survey, aims and milestones report 10%
final presentation and demonstration 45%
final report 45%


By the end of this course, we want you to be capable of formulating a research project complete with aims, identify the major problems to be overcome, carry the project through to completion and report on the outcomes of your work



PGRD Special Projects

Project options

COMP9596 - Research Project (12uoc)
COMP9945 - Research Project (18uoc)

Students are permitted to substitute 12-18uoc in their final semester with a project of equal value provided they meet the following criteria:

  1. Have completed (or have transfer credit in) 72uoc; and
  2. Have obtained agreement from a UNSW Computing academic supervisor; and
  3. Have 75WAM or higher in the program.

Projects are graded, and students deliver a seminar and submit a written report. More information is available in the Course Outline (pdf).

Students should seek agreement from a supervisor and complete their Project Proposal prior to submitting a Project Nomination form to the Postgraduate Coordinator. The Postgraduate Coordinator will then forward through all documentation listed below to request that the student be enrolled:

  1. Written approval from Supervisor
  2. Project Proposal
  3. Completed Project Nomination form approved by the PG Coordinator.

Projects can be counted towards a students' Advanced Disciplinary Knowledge requirement. 

Project proposals MUST be finalised prior to the start of semester or your nomination may be rejected by the Postgraduate Coordinator.

Final reports MUST be submitted to your Assessor and Supervisor directly by email, prior to the due date.


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