Requisite Waivers for CSE Students

Core Courses

Requisite waivers will not be approved for core courses, or in the case of postgraduate students where transfer credit or exemption is available.

If you feel you have covered the topic in your previous studies, you must formally apply for transfer credit or exemption for the course.

Postgraduate students:

Undergraduate students:

Students with exceptional circumstances, who believe they have covered the topic previously, however are not eligible for formal transfer credit, must provide approval from the Lecturer in Charge. This approval statement must:

  • clearly outline why the student’s circumstances are exceptional,
  • describe how the student meets the requisite requirement, and
  • provide certified supporting documentation wherever possible.

The Deputy Head of School will approve these cases. If you are unsure, please discuss your case with the CSE Student Office before seeking a requisite waiver. You may then submit the Requisite Waiver request webform.

Elective Courses

Students must first seek Course Authority approval from the lecturer in charge. This is then subject to Program Authority approval from the CSE Student Office.

You will need to seek a requisite waiver from the lecturer whose course you have not met the requirements for. 

You should demonstrate where you have covered the topic previously in your request and attach certified copies of supporting material (eg. transcript).

If approved you may then submit the Requisite Waiver request webform.

Please note a requisite waiver is not grounds for special consideration in the event you perform poorly.

The CSE Student Office as your Program Authority has final approval on all non-standard enrolments.