Wind Energy Developments in Ireland Challenges and Opportunities

19 July 2017 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
ChemSc M17, UNSW, Kensington Campus

Professor Michael Conlon

Head of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Ireland



The Republic of Ireland has a target for the generation of electricity from renewable sources of 40% by 2020. Although there are currently some PV proposals in the planning stages, this renewable component will be met mainly by wind energy generation. The electricity supply system for the island of Ireland (Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland) is operated as a single market. Although there are two interconnectors to the UK system, the system is small by international standards and its operation with high levels of wind penetration presents a number of operational and regulatory issues. The seminar will look at these challenges and the measures being implemented to ensure that the 2020 target will be achieved. 

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