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Professional and teaching(general) Staff List

Title Name Position Office Email Extension
Ms Adams, Ana Administrative Officer Microsystems/ANFF Newton Newton Building 9385 9584
Mr Allen, Philip M. Professional Officer Telecommunications EE 339 p.allen 9385 4504
Mr Ashton, Trevor Technical Officer Energy Systems Off Campus
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Mr Bates, Gordon C. Manager Microsystems/ANFF Newton 212 g.bates 9385 6224
Dr Boreland, Matthew Manager Microsystems/ANFF Newton Newton Building m.boreland 9385 9584
Ms Brown, Cheryl Administrative Officer ACSER Hilmer ws423.15 cheryl.brown 9385 4208
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Ms Chen, Yingge Professional Officer Photonics Hilmer 423.12
Ms Chen, Stella Research Finance Accounting Officer (Faculty) Hilmer 551A stella.chen
Mr Cheung, Mathew Administrative Officer Hilmer 551B mathewc 9385 4285
Ms Clarkson, Carolyn Administrative Officer Hilmer 549B c.clarkson 9385 4000
Mrs Cowen, Nora Administrative Officer Microsystems/ANFF Newton Level 2 n.cowen 9385 9517
Mr Crous, Frederik Technical Officer Photonics Hilmer ws423.11
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Mr Datla, Veera R. Engineer Telecommunications Hilmer
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Ms Fong, Gladys Administrative Officer Hilmer 551C g.fong 9385 4978
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Mr Gross, Mark Senior Technical Officer Microelectronics Newton Level 3 9385 0160
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Ms Huang, Olivia HDR Administrative Officer (Faculty) Hilmer 549A o.huang 9385 4001
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Ms Jury, Karen A. Manager Microsystems/ANFF Newton Level 3 karen.jury 9385 0160
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Dr Karanayil, Baburaj Professional Officer Energy Systems TETB 321 k.baburaj 9385 7416
Dr Krcho, Daniel Professional Officer Microsystems EE 211a d.krcho 9385 4044
Mr. Kumar, Himal Technical Officer Telecommunications Hilmer ws423.02
Mr Kumar, Sunil Technical Assistant EE G13b sunil.kumar 9385 4005
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Mr Liu, Zhenyu Senior Technical Officer OHS & School teaching labs EE G15.2 z.liu 9385 5508
Mr Liyadipitiya, Gamini Senior Technical Officer School teaching labs EE G15.1 gamini 9385 5507
Dr Lu, Chris X. Professional Officer Systems and Control EE 114.1 9385 5307
Mr Luo, Yanhua Technical Officer Photonics EE G15 yanhua.luo1 9385 5509
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Ms Majed, Jacqui General Administrative Officer (Faculty) Hilmer 548B c.majed 9385 5453
Mr. Maunder, Simon A. Technical Officer Telecommunications EE 211 s.maunder 9385 5305
Ms Michaux, Pierrette Engineer Microsystems/ANFF Newton Newton Building 9385 9584
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Mr Prince, Pamplanil M. Senior Technical Officer Microsystems/ANFF Newton Level 3 9385 0160
Mr Puthanveetil, Subash Laboratory Craftsperson EE G13b subash 9385 4005
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Mr Rahman, Syed L. Technical Officer School teaching labs EE G15.1 syed.rahman 9385 5507
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Mr Saliba, Emilio Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) Advisor EE Engineering Unit (K17) emilio.saliba
Mr. Schubert, Ute Engineer Microsystems/ANFF Newton Level 3 9385 0160
Ms Scott, Karen School Manager Hilmer 501 karen.scott 9385 6570
Mr See, Ming A. Engineer Microsystems/ANFF Newton Level 3 9385 0160
Mr Sharma, Deepak Infrastructure Officer (Faculty) Hilmer 551A deepak.sharma
Dr Sheng, Ming Laboratory Manager EE G18 m.sheng 9385 4057
Ms Swift, Sharon Executive Assistant to HOS Hilmer 544 sharon.swift 9385 4009
Mrs Szymanska, Joanna M. Manager Microsystems/ANFF Newton 315(1) j.szymanska 9385 9869
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Ms Witkowska, Jolanta General Administrative Officer (Faculty) Hilmer 548A j.witkowska 9385 4004
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Dr Xiao, Dan Technical Officer EE 111 d.xiao 9385 7615
Dr Xie, Yixuan Technical Officer Telecommunications EE 114 yixuan.xie 9385 4802
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Mr Zeng, Roy X. Senior Technical Officer School teaching labs EE G15.1 x.zeng 9385 5507
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