Electrical Engineering Connect Night

Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications Connect Night - 22 October 2015

EET Connect Night 21 June 2015

On Thursday 22nd October, the UNSW School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications (EE&T) held an Alumni Connect Night where Alumni across different graduation years gathered to reconnect and celebrate the achievements of the School. Distinguished guest, Dr Geoff Mackellar, Chief Technical Officer from Emotiv Inc, presented our special guest lectures on “Emotiv EPOC and Insight - Wearables for the Brain"

Dr. Geoff Mackellar is the Cofounder, Research and Development Manager and CTO of Emotiv Inc. The company was founded in 2006.Geoff is also CEO of Emotiv Research Pty Ltd. Geoff has been instrumental in guiding the development of the Emotiv EPOC, Emotiv EPOC+ and Emotiv Insight product range.

Prior to Emotiv, Geoff was with Polartechnics Ltd. where he was involved in the development of the Solarscan and Truscreen products and was the leader of the Statistics and Expert Systems team. Geoff also founded and managed the Cosmetic and Medical Therapeutics Group 2005 which grew to $4m annual revenue within 12 months.

Before the switch to medical devices, Geoff was involved in commercialising laser technologies and worked with a multitude of companies including:

  • Metalaser Technologies where he was the Chief Design and Application Engineer for the Vasculase medical laser product. He also introduced metal vapour laser technology to the medical market;
  • Dynamic Light Ltd where he was Research and Development Manager responsible for the development of medical, scienti c and industrial metal vapour laser systems; and
  • Visiray Pty Ltd where he was also the Research and Development Manager responsible for the development of medical, scienti c and industrial laser systems. 

The event was organised by the UNSW School of EE&T Alumni Committee to encourage past graduates to visit the UNSW to reconnect with other alumni and the School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications at UNSW. The night was successful with many alumni across different years really enjoyed the experience. The event also provided an opportunity for the alumni to tour around the Electrical Engineering building before the coming refurbishment as well as the chance to see the recently completed High Voltage laboratory.