Historically, the School has enjoyed a close relationship with industry largely due to the UNSW Co-Op Program. Close cooperation with our Co-op partners ensures informal feedback on undergraduate programs. Through the Industrial Training component of the program, Co-op scholars have the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals to develop skills and experience in technical and general engineering management while industry partners receive access to graduates who can provide technical know-how and leadership in projects and in management.

 An initiative of the School in 2005 saw the establishment of an Industry Advisory Board to provide continuous advice on curriculum content and on the relevance of our programs as well as input into School research priorities and collaborative linkages. This has created new opportunities for the School to identify research opportunities, to produce graduates that meet current and future industry needs, to ensure the best employment opportunities for our graduates and to secure the supply of bright and motivated students.

School Industry Advisory Board members have been selected on the basis of the industry sector they represent and their known commitment to high quality scholarship and training. They are considered leaders in their respective fields with a commitment to ensuring that the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications remains a leading school in its field, not only in Australia, but in the wider Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Working more closely with industry in coming years, we shall continue to develop a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs and activities that keep us in touch with the industries we serve.

Industrial Training

To satisfy Engineers Australia accreditation criteria, students enrolled in Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering programs are required to undertake at least 60 days of "industrial training" (internships). If you know of a company interested in hosting EE&T students, then please email the School’s IT Coordinator: Dr Tim Moors