School Executive Team Structure

School of EE&T structure from 2019: 

Head of School - Prof Eliathamby Ambikairajah


Deputy Head of School (Education) - Prof Julien Epps 

Under the Deputy Head of School (Education):

*Director of Academic Studies - A/Prof Toan Phung

*Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator - Dr Jayashri Ravishankar

*Deputy Director of Academic Studies (Thesis Coordinator) - Dr Aron Michael

*Deputy Director of Academic Studies (BE ME Coordinator and Industrial Placements) - A/Prof Elias Aboutanios


Deputy Head of School (Research) - Prof David Taubman

Under the Deputy Head of School (Research):

*Director of Research - Prof Victor Solo

*Postgraduate Research Coordinator - Prof John Fletcher

*Assistant Postgraduate Research Coordinator - Dr Vidhya Sethu


Deputy Head of School (Administration) - Prof Aruna Seneviratne


Heads of Research Disciplines:

Energy Systems – Prof John Fletcher

Nano / Micro Systems – Prof Rodica Ramer

Systems and Control – Prof Andrey Savkin

Telecommunications – Prof Jinhong Yuan

Signal Processing – Prof Andrew Dempster


Industry Liaison - Prof Francois Ladouceur

Industry Research Strategy - Prof Branko Celler

School Manager - Karen Scott