Research Interests

Research Interests in System and Controls

Research Interest Staff Member
Computer Aided Design and Real-Time Control  A/Prof Timothy Hesketh
Control Algorithms  A/Prof Timothy Hesketh
Control Applications  A/Prof Timothy Hesketh
Active balancing of rotating machinery  Dr Branislav Hredzak
Automated Ecg signal processing and interpretation  Prof Branko George Celler
Automation for precision farming  Dr Raymond Eaton
Autonomous vehicles control  Dr Raymond Eaton
Biomedical engineering and medicine - application of modern control and signal processing techniques  Prof Andrey V. Savkin
Class D amplifiers  Dr Branislav Hredzak
Control of power systems  Prof Andrey V. Savkin
Development and implementation of suitable algorithms, particularly for multivariable and non-linear systems. Robustness in non-linear systems, learning and adaptive control, sliding mode control  A/Prof Timothy Hesketh
Econometrics  Prof Victor Solo
For detailed descriptions, see Biomedical Systems Laboratory  Prof Branko George Celler
Guidance  Prof Andrey V. Savkin
Hybrid dynamical systems  Prof Andrey V. Savkin
Mechatronic systems and servo systems  Dr Branislav Hredzak
Medical information systems  Prof Branko George Celler
Medical instrumentation  Prof Branko George Celler
Mobile robots coordination and control  Prof Andrey V. Savkin
Modelling of excitable tissues  Prof Branko George Celler
Modelling, estimation, simulation and control for intransigent systems. Sliding mode and adaptive control in steel making.  A/Prof Timothy Hesketh
Networked control systems  Dr Branislav Hredzak
Neural coding  Prof Victor Solo
Neural control of cardiac function  Prof Branko George Celler
Neural control of renal function  Prof Branko George Celler
Neuroimaging  Prof Victor Solo
Nonlinear and robust control  Dr Raymond Eaton
Physiological Systems Modelling  Prof Branko George Celler
Quantum network analysis and synthesis  Dr Hendra Nurdin
Quantum systems and quantum feedback control  Dr Hendra Nurdin
Real-time control and controller implementation  Dr Raymond Eaton
Reconfigurable computing using networks on chip  Dr Branislav Hredzak
Renewable Energy and Smart Grids  Dr Branislav Hredzak
Robust control and filtering  Prof Andrey V. Savkin
Signal processing  Prof Victor Solo
State estimation and control via telecommunication networks  Prof Andrey V. Savkin
Stochastic control  Prof Victor Solo
Stochastic modelling  Dr Hendra Nurdin
Stochastic systems and stochastic control  Dr Hendra Nurdin
System Identification  Prof Victor Solo
Telemedicine remote monitoring  Prof Branko George Celler
The design and implementation of real-time control systems on computers which incorporate the capability for computer aided design of the controllers. Problems of implementation; testable design  A/Prof Timothy Hesketh