Research groups

The School is active in a wide and diverse range of research, broadly grouped into four disciplines:

  • Energy Systems
  • Nano/Micro Systems
  • Systems and Control
  • Signal Processing
  • Telecommunications (wireless, data networks, photonics)

Researchers are not only engaged in projects in the School, but are also active participants various centres.  These activities see our researchers taking leading roles in the following centers:

  • Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research, ASCER
  • Australian National Fabrication Facility , ANFF 
  • Center for Energy and Environmental Markets, CEEM 
  • Centre for Quantum Computer Technology, CQC2T 

More detailed information about research activities and output of staff in the School can be found in the Research section.

You can also view School research report on the current interesting research topics by our research staff. 

The School's research activities are supported by students studying towards PhD and Masters by Research degree programs. Research programs provide opportunities for qualified students to undertake courses of advanced study across the research areas mentioned above.  Qualified applicants may be accepted subject to the availability of facilities and appropriate supervision into the PhD or Masters by Research program.