Staff resources


Who to see for assistance with administrative matters

Karen Scott (School Manager) at, room 103b EE Building, phone: 9385 6570.

Mathew Cheung (Teaching Support Officer) at , room 103.S07 EE Building.

Natalie Sufong (Teaching Support Officer) at , room 103.S08 EE Building, phone: 9385 4285.

Olivia Huang (HDR Students Support Officer) at, room 103.S04 EE Building, phone: 9385 4001.

Jolanta Witkowska  (EA to HOS) at, room 105 EE Building, phone: 9385 4009 

Jacqui Majed (General Administrato r- reimbursement, pre-procurement, travel, invoice, delivery, credit cards etc....) at, room 103.S02 EE Building, phone: 9385 4004 or 04 3557 9085

Rita Sousa (Faculty Research Management - grants application, research publications etc..) at Dean's Unit

Stella Chen (Faculty Research Account / Research Finance) at, room 103.S05 EE Building, phone: 0434 305 093

Emilio Saliba (Faculty Health, Safety and Environment Advisor) at, room 103.S06 EE Building phone: 0407 891 368